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The Summer term is almost over and you will have enjoyed sports days, summer fairs and end of term plays. It's a good time to reflect on the past year and we hope you have found using Parents in Touch both useful and enjoyable. Everyone at Parents in Touch wishes you all a happy holiday and we hope the sunshine stays so that we can all enjoy the beach, countryside and summer picnics. In this newsletter we have included fun activities for all age groups which can be enjoyed by all the family. Enjoy your time together and have a great holiday. 

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Fun Time In this section we have included fun and interesting activities which can be enjoyed by all the family. Papers like the ones included in this section will encourage lateral thinking and teach your children to think laterally - there are many more on the site.
KS1 English It is important that children at this stage of learning continue to enjoy reading. Every child loves a bedtime story and this stimulates their imagination as well as increasing their vocabulary. Rhyming and learning new words will ensure that your child is ready for school in September.
KS2 English  At this age, children do need to comprehend what they are reading. Working through the papers here will prepare children for school in September. Many children like doing word and other puzzles while travelling and this will help them be ready for the new school year.


KS3 English The papers in this section are written to ensure that concentration, increased vocabulary and the use of words in many different situations are understood and used correctly.
KS1 maths This section includes papers to illustrate the type of work which will be covered in Key Stage 1. It is useful to work through these together and play some games such as Ludo and counting games to consolidate the learning.
KS2 maths These papers, if you work together with your child, will show you the areas of learning which need recapping and perhaps more explanation ready for the start of the new school year.
KS3 maths Many pupils will be starting a new school in September so do make sure that they are ready and excited about this stage of learning. 
Science Children often love helping you with cooking and gardening. While doing so they can revise many aspects of the science they have covered and learn more about life cycles and topics such as floating and sinking.
Foundation Stage Children do need to know their phonic sounds and there are many games you can play both at home and in the car which reinforce these. Matching games help to introduce numbers, shapes and the names of animals and objects. Enjoy playing together.
Spelling  A little work each day can ensure that your child’s spelling improves. All pupils do need to learn to spell correctly. Some children do this naturally, but others need clues and help to ensure that they understand the spelling rules.
Phonics There are many good phonic games some which can be played in the car or when travelling. Listening to music and the sounds which words make can help your child with both concentration and understanding of words such as cat, car, or call.
Resources for teachers Here are some lesson plans which will help with your planning for next term. Children love traditional stories such as The Three Bears and acting this out can increase vocabulary, give children confidence and teach pupils to work together.
Topics During the holiday it can be a good idea to work on a chosen topic together. These could include photographs taken together, maps, drawings and illustrations. Presentation is very important and working together is both fun and a great learning curve. Try this and see.
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Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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