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Dear [NAME]
It is only a few weeks until the end of term and there will be many activities planned such as Sports Day, School Plays and Parents' Evenings. We wish all students taking examinations every success - we have included in this newsletter new papers to help with revision and to reinforce learning. As usual there are lots of books to be won and remember that reading, crosswords and quizzes help to reinforce learning and can be enjoyed as a family at home or on holiday.

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KS1 maths It is important that all children can quickly see the pattern between different numbers and use this to understand tables, sequences and number facts.
KS2 maths  It is always a good idea to practice Mental Maths in everyday situations...such as buying a comic, paying a bus fare and telling the time of the bus from a timetable. Using maths in everyday situations is good practice for life.


KS3 maths In this section you will find a selection of topics which will often appear in examinations. Revising these will be useful and reinforce learning. On the site there are examples of examination papers which will be helpful for revision.
 KS1 English Many children in this age group do need to be encouraged to read. When they read for themselves they increase their vocabulary and develop their imagination. It also helps with spelling and the use of language.
KS2 English Many children find comprehension difficult. It sometimes helps if after reading a story you discuss the outline of the plot with the children. Non fiction passages and reports do need to be practised to ensure that pupils achieve good results.
KS3 English Many pupils find writing easy but others do need instructions to ensure that their writing is complete, easily understood and literate. Comprehensions enable children to think both about the questions and their answers therefore dissecting the passage and gaining more understanding.
Spelling Some pupils can spell easily but others do need to have clues to ensure that they have the correct spelling. The papers below give suggestions and ideas to aid spelling.
Foundation Stage Children at this stage need a practical approach to learning and use the pictures to help enjoy the passage and comprehend more easily.
Science Science covers  a variety of topics from animals, plants, sounds and colours to the seaons of the year. It is fun doing an investigation so why not try some at home eg the effect of atmospheric pressure on an empty plastic bottle!
Phonics Phonics and sounds are always a great help to children with spelling and attempting new words. This also gives children the confidence to read new books and other texts.
Lesson Plans These lesson plans cover the main subjects and could be adapted for other age groups. I have always found it useful to have a spare lesson available in case I was asked to cover a lesson for a colleague. 
Topics I hope that these topics will be useful at the end of term or perhaps when thinking about visits for the future.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. Usborne have the KnowHow Book of Spycraft. There's some great fiction - Petticoat Pirates and Joe and the Hidden Horseshoe. Young children will enjoy books in the Jump Up and Join In series. There's Everything's Rosie for the Nintendo and Curious George  on DVD. And for lovers of trivia, Off With Their Heads and Thirty Days Have September.

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages. We have reviews of many useful workbooks and study guides.

Practise and Learn Grammar  Early Comprehension Book 1  Say and Play  Achieve Level 3 Mathematics 

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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