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In this newsletter we have included work for all age groups and a great variety of new worksheets and topics. Help your children learn and consolidate the work done in school. Ensure that they understand punctuation, how to approach comprehension and the four rules of number. A little help at home can ensure that your child has the confidence to approach new work in school.

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KS1 English Monster poems are fun and using descriptive words will add colour to all writing. Use the KS1 paper on nouns as well as the comprehension with your children to improve their knowledge of work suitable for this age group.
KS2 English  Descriptive writing needs adjectives and encouraging use of these will encourage children to write more interesting and colourful pieces of work. Comprehension will illustrate that children have a full understanding of the passage they are reading


KS3 English Can your child write a stimulating and attractive advertisement? Writing and reading media texts should be stimulating and make compulsive reading. Apostrophes - many people struggle to get them right, so our paper will help.
KS1 maths  It is important that all pupils have a good understanding of money! Learning the time is essential as well as useful. Make sure that your children can read and comprehend graphs.
KS2 maths Everyone needs to know the four rules of number...make sure that your children do! The problems on weight and the measurement worksheet will help revise these topics. Angles are fun...try this sheet with your children!
KS3 maths How quickly and accurately can your child complete this Mental maths paper? The Frequency paper and the significant figures sheet are good revision papers.
Foundation Stage  Learning is fun...start working with your child on the circle pictures and have fun. Look together at the topic on different creatures...which one is your child's favourite?
Spelling  Using a dictionary helps to ensure correct spelling. It is essential that all children can spell correctly so use these papers to check that your children can spell correctly.
Phonics Phonics help with spelling so it is important that all children learn these phonic sounds and can use them to sound out new words, thus improving their reading and spelling.
Science Does your child know how their body works? Learning about Pollination and Biosphere is useful as these are often topics in science papers.
Topics It would be fun to 'Plan a tour' together with your children...use this paper to show you how it might be done. Discovery facts is worth using as a topic and discussing with your children. Many children are fascinated by history, especially those relating to crime and punishment.
Teacher Resources We have added some useful new resources for teachers. We hope that these are all helpful to you.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. The Tractor convertible is a fun toy/book/playmat; we also have Alfie and Grandma for younger ones. Animal Rescue is a thought-provoking book. We have a set of books for Clever Kids; an exciting story, Darkmouth and a set of 6 Gladiator School books.
Convertible Tractor
Gladiator School 

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages.

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Tutor Master Comprehension Practice The Periodic Table - Basher 11+ Times Tables Progress Papers in English

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