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Dear [NAME]
We wish all pupils studying for examinations every success and all children thinking about new schools every success.

This is an important time of year, as many children are sitting tests and exams, so make sure you give them all the support they need by using the resources on Parents in Touch - you'll be amazed by the wide range. There are many new ideas for you to enjoy in this newsletter and on Parents in Touch. So look for new papers, inspiration, ways to help your child and examination guidance. Also, don't forget all the books in our competitions.

Now we have reached May hopefully we will have some more Spring, or even Summer, type weather! This time of the year means sporting activities can be enjoyed outside and we can enjoy gardening, picnics and a visit to the seaside.

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KS1 English Ensure that your child has confidence in all aspects of English...writing, sequencing and grammar included. All these are essential tools and valuable preparation for a new school year in September.
KS2 English  Confidence in character writing, description, imaginative essays and reports of all kinds ensure that your child will achieve as well as possible in any tests and are a good foundation for the next year's work.


KS3 English The variety of writing required at this stage includes report writing, descriptive writing, imaginary writing and poetry and there are examples of all of these on Parents in Touch.
KS1 maths Many children enjoy maths and assimilate new concepts easily. There is a great variety of different papers both in this newsletter and on the site. Help your child enjoy maths.
KS2 maths Mathematical concepts are used daily in everyday life. Ensure that your child can read a timetable, work out the cost of shopping, know how to calculate the length of a journey and use their mathematical knowledge in everyday life
KS3 maths The revision papers on this newsletter and on the site will help students revise for examinations at all levels. Maths is used in all aspects of life from travelling, shopping, comparing to estimating costs.
Foundation Stage  Many children will be looking forward to starting school so use the ideas here to prepare your child for the transition from home to school life. It is fun discussing papers and pictures with young children.
Spelling Some people are natural spellers but many of us need help and reassurance that we are correct. Rhyme, phonics and repetition are all useful tools as well.
Phonics Sounding out words and having a knowledge of phonics are good preparation for learning to read and will help young children enjoy reading. Use songs, verses and rhymes to stimulate and increase vocabulary.
Science Science is an intriguing and fascinating subject...why does a ball float but a stone sink? Look at the rainbow, listen to different sounds and try experiments like flying a kite together to have fun and learn.
Topics Pupils are fascinated by different cultures and the various foods, music, dances, festivals they enjoy. The galaxies intrigue us all and there is always something new to discover. Weather is a popular topic so learning about it is stimulating.
lesson plan
Lesson Plans Here are some lesson plans for this term and perhaps next term. There are many more on Parents in Touch site as well.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. They cover a wide range of interests - we have a lovely Little Learners set for young ones and The Wonky Donkey is great fun for toddlers. Older readers will enjoy The Abominators in the Wild and Blood Oath. Raa Raa the Noisy Lion is a popular series for toddlers and we have a DS game. Abbey Home Media have been very generous (again!) and given us copies of Sooty's Children's Party, Abadas and Alphablocks on DVD.

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages. 

Write Stuff - Creative Writing for Boys KS2 maths practice papers  KS1 English advanced practice book English ages 9  -10

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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