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You are sure to find this November newsletter useful. We have included a worksheet on 'Writing to Inform' for KS3 which provides practical advice to make such writing effective. It is important that you help your child to use a dictionary as a valuable aid to literacy - there is a worksheet on that. Under Topics you will find worksheets on farming, water and making cakes. Encourage your KS1 child to use their imagination by composing their own poems after reading the 'Enjoy these poems' worksheet.

KS1 English All children look forward to a party so I hope that your child will enjoy this 'party' paper too. Can they work out the answers to the 'What goes together? ' worksheet?
KS2 English  Comprehension questions encourage children to think and form their own answers in sentence form. Try this worksheet on 'Homes' with them and ensure that they give complete and colourful answers.


KS3 English Look at the worksheet on 'Writing to Inform' and let your child enjoy improving their writing skills with this practical guide. This is the time of year for the 'Winter Poems' worksheet - can they write their own winter poem?
Number-work-5-7-years worksheet KS1 maths The Farmyard maths worksheet is fun. The Positional maths worksheets will help your child understand the appropriate words associated with position.
Maths-7-11-years worksheet KS2 maths Make sure that your child can tell the time. Can they complete the 'Use of numbers' worksheet correctly? Let them try it and see.
worksheet KS3 maths It is always best to start revision early so try these worksheets and discover any areas where more help or revision is needed.
worksheet Foundation Stage What are your child's favourite things? Ask them to draw a picture about each toy that they like. Can they find another word that rhymes with ball or bat?
Spelling Spelling rules are very useful as pupils will get more marks for their writing if their spelling is accurate. Encourage the use of all these worksheets to improve your child's spelling.
Phonics Phonics help with correct spelling and the phonic sound worksheet helps to revise sounds which many children find difficult.
Science Pupils are fascinated by science. Trying some simple experiments with balloons and sounds at home helps to reinforce their desire to learn.
Topics Farming in Britain today is much more scientific than years ago. We need water so discuss this 'World of water' worksheet together.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. There's a Prize Pair of games from Drumond Park, a fun Sweet Factory kit and a very special bumper pack of prizewinners from the Dad's Choice Awards. We have a great range of non-fiction books - The Hot Book and The Cold Book; The story of the Universe; and Dr Dino's Learnatorium set of books. For creative ones, we have The Interactive Story of Art; The Chess Activity Book; and Dinosaur Construction Kit. For younger ones, there's the Animal Alphabet.
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Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages. We have also included some gift ideas.

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The 50 States LEGO
Let's Bake
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