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Now that your children have settled in their new classes we have included many more new worksheets to consolidate the work which will be covered in each age group. There are some topics which will be useful to you to help your child research and investigate from books and by using a computer. Maps, illustrations, pictures and photographs always help to make a topic more interesting and alive.

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Foundation Stage Young ones always feel a sense of satisfaction if they have drawn a picture beautifully so try helping them to make their own book. Pictures are the start of reading so time spent looking at these is helpful.
KS1 English As your child grows older presentation and good punctuation are essential. Encourage your child to discuss pictures, learn about grammar and to enjoy reading.
KS2 English Some children can read and assimilate facts from a passage easily but for others it takes more time, so practice is always good. Encourage your child to increase their writing vocuabulary to try and make their stories more interesting.


KS3 English Pupils in this age group do need to have a more comprehensive knowledge and need to be able to express their opinions and thoughts. Discussion papers and persuasion thoughts help to make the work more interesting.
KS1 maths Maths is fun so try the Little Red Riding Hood addition. More work can be done orally and on paper like this. It is always fun to allow the children to set you some sums!
KS2 maths Many children find the concept of fractions difficult. It is so much easier to explain this with a bar of chocolate...and then enjoy eating the fractions!
KS3 maths At this stage, data of all sorts has to be interpreted, explained and solved. This does take practice by repetition.
Handwriting Good handwriting is necessary to ensure that letters are formed correctly and that children's work is legible. Ensure that your child has sharp pencils and rubber to make life easier.
Spelling Many children are naturally good spellers but others do need clues, pictures and constant help to learn to spell words with ease.
lesson plan
Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources Autumn crafts look good when displayed in the classroom and the children do love to do art work of any kind.
Topics Here are a variety of topics which will cover most age groups. Art work, good design, colour and bright presentation help make pupils' work more appealing.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. Abbey have given us 10 each of 3 DVDs - Woolly and Tig, Abney and Teal and The Hive. There's a great game - Wordsearch Junior. Younger readers will enjoy The Lion and the Mouse and Hugless Douglas Finds a Hug, and there's The Secret Kingdom Trilogy and the Enid Blyton Adventure Treasury for older readers. Creative types will love the Princess Cupcake Sticker Book and the Royal Doll's House Sticker Book.

Books For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages. The books shown below give a small idea of the huge range covered by our book reviews, so do take a look to help you choose books.

Sugarlump and the Unicorn Big Ideas that Changed the World 2014 Top Ten for Boys London: A Time Traveller's Guide

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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