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We have had a great summer of sport. We hope you as a family have enjoyed it all and that it has encouraged you to participate in some team games and to support those who do. It is now the start of a new academic year and we wish your children every success with their learning. It helps if they make new friends, enjoy music, drama, art and studies. Encourage your child with their reading. There are many recommended books on the site which will help improve their concentration, feed their imagination and help to extend their vocabulary.

We have a bumper selection of giveaways for the new term.

Handwriting It is important that pupils have legible and neat handwring. This makes it much easier to read and gains more marks in tests. Capital letters, full stops and all punctuation make writing easier to read. Learning the Days of the week and the Months of the year are important for young ones as they are used constantly.
Foundation Stage At this stage it is important that children find  learning fun and have a solid foundation on which to build. Counting and colouring ensure that younger pupils have some of the basic skills needed for life at school. Every day ensure that your child learns new words and has fun doing so!
KS1 English It is important that all children understand what they are reading. Try this comprehension with your child and ensure that they do understand it all. Let them try the Robin Hood paper and find out if they know who Friar Tuck was. See if your child knows all the words on the pages below!
KS1 maths  It is important that children recognsie all their numbers and learn to count. Do they know the names of shapes? Number Rhymes and counting games will help reinforce all this learning.


KS2 English Help your child write an imaginative story. Discuss with them some of their favourite stories and help give them some ideas. See how well your child does with 'If I had wings story'. Comprehension is important and it will help if they concentrate on a story and analyse it. This is important as they will need this ability in many subjects later on in life.
KS2 maths To start the term well work together on: 'Try working out these numbers'. It may be a good idea to use other papers to revise and ensure your children are ready for the new term. There is also a revision paper here to help them. Mental maths always ensures that children are thinking quickly and accurately.
KS3 English Make sure that your children know how to write a biography or a bibliography. Make sure they are prepared when asked to do so. We read newspapers everyday so look at one together and encourage writing an article for your local paper or school newsletter. Is your punctuation correct? Check the commas and colons!
KS3 maths It is essential to know how to use a compass, protractor and set square. It is a good idea early on in term to revise all the symbols and formulae. Here is a GCSE worksheet to check and remind pupils of the way to do all the different questions.
Science  The weather worksheet may help as a reminder  of some of the weather that we have had over the holiday. Check the food facts for healthy living. A family tree is fun to do and especially so if you all work together.
lesson plan
Lesson plans Children always love to create patterns so this a useful plan to introduce to your child. A daily lesson plan is useful and can be adapted as necessary and for continuing lessons. There are many more plans on the site for you to use. Good luck with the start of term.
Topics A topic on books can cover any age group depending on the books that are chosen. Children always love lessons on animals and are keen to tell you about their pets! Try the topic 'Roads which are made of water' as a useful starting topic for a new term.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. Learning is fun with software - Toddler school, Learning Ladder KS1 and Become a History Explorer. The youngest will enjoy Meow Meow, and Nursery is ideal when starting school; School Prep and Letters will help young ones too. Have fun with Harry and his Dinosaurs on DVD. We have a bumper pack of Gold Star Workbooks to start the year off well. Enjoy history with Dreadfully Deadly History and King Arthur; langiages with French and Spanish Sticker books and geography with the Pop Up Atlas. Finally, one lucky family will win a day at Legoland Manchester. Spot the Duck with the Farmyard Tales Sticker Book.
  Gold Stars



Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages. 

 Parent's Survival Guide to Starting School Preschool Choices   Ready for School Bumper Workbook Oxford First Dictionary 

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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