Children will all know poetry as they learn nursery rhymes as infants. They love rhyme and rhythm so reading poems is always popular.  Writing poetry is fun and can be approached by using sounds and pictures. 

Rhymes for mother and baby
Rhymes to teach listening
My favourite people poems
Nursery rhymes illust by Kate Greenaway
Action rhymes for 4 year olds
Baby rhymes
Counting rhymes for three year olds
Creature rhymes for three year olds
Nursery rhyme poster
Our very own Nursery rhymes
Autumn action rhymes
Rhyme ideas for KS1
Monster poems
Enjoy these poems
Fun poems
Alliteration shape poem
Rhyme time
Poetry ideas for KS1
Rhyming KS1
Autumn poems

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. It has three sentences each containing 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively.

Haiku on movement
Haiku on flowers
The shiniest sun
Haiku poetry writing
Poems about noise
Poetry ideas using the Qur'an

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Poem about boys
Cautionary poems
Poems for KS2
Quatrains and rhyme patterns
Poems by Robert Louis Stevenson
Five senses poetry writing exercise
Find rhyming words for poetry
Poetry types
Looking at different forms of poetry
Imaginative poetry
Narrative poetry
The Iliad and The Odyssey

There are available many very good poetry books for children which will stimulate their enjoyment and increase their appreciation of poems.

Poetry for KS3/KS4
Pupils at these stages will be expected to read the works of many famous poet such as Isaac Rosenberg, Rupert Brooke, Alec Waugh and Siegfried Sassoon; poetry of the First World War' will be studied as well as limericks and haiku.
Poetry books
Isaac Rosenberg
Technical words used in poetry
Poetry on trees KS3
Writing an epic poem
Poems of the First World War
Understanding a poem
Poetry writing for KS 3
Rhythm and rhyme
Try writing your own poetry
Poetry and nature
The Lady of Shalott
Introduction to the Canterbury Tales
The Highwayman
Siegfried Sassoon
Rhyme and define
The lake isle of Innisfree
Porphyria's lover poem and thoughts
1914 Peace by Rupert Brooke
Cannon Fodder by Alec Waugh
GCSE sample poetry questions
Poetry for key stage 3
Analysing poetry
Poetry Year 12
Robert Graves
Wilfred Owen
Winter poems
The Romantic Poets

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