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Healthy eating for children is very high on the agenda for parents. This is mainly because of people like Jamie Oliver who have highlighted food concerns with advice for school dinners and children eating fresh food. Children need to have a balanced diet to ensure that they grow, have strong teeth and remain healthy and well. We hope that some of the recipes below will give you new ideas to encourage children to enjoy eating well.

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The main course is an important part of a child's diet as the meat and vegetables have nutrients which ensure strong bones and provide children with the ability to stay well and fight off infection.

Orange chicken party pinwheels
Quick lamb Rogan Josh
Home-made chicken nuggets

Fish pie
Packed lunches - vegetarian
Packed lunches

All children should have a balanced diet and learn to enjoy all types of food. In this cosmopolitan society it is great if children can experience food from all parts of the world.

Guacamole for kids
Sweet chestnuts

Some children do have a 'sweet tooth' and this is fine as long as they also have fresh fruit and vegetables as well. Some times this is an excellent course to ensure that they enjoy fruit!

Marshmallow brownies
Toasted marshmallows
Toffee apples

Chocolate strawberries

Cranberry bread
Gingerbread biscuits
Gingerbread cookies in a jar

Water is essential for all children to drink. Sometimes this is more appetising with a little fruit squash added to it. Children should be encouraged to drink healthy to remain hydrated and well.

Drinks to please

Cookery books are colourful and inviting for children. It is also fun to encourage children to help in the kitchen and they have a great sense of achievement when they can say "I made that!".

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