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Toys of wood oxford logo R outlined TO USE e1526637836215Toys of Wood Oxford Ltd is based in Oxford. They say "We are passionate about providing your children with beautiful and durable wooden toys, educational games and fancy-dress costumes. Our wooden toys are made of sustainable wood with environmentally-friendly and non-toxic paints. Our philosophy is to promote fun play and learning for pre-school and older children with natural and environmentally-friendly multi-activity wooden toys." Their toys are available exclusively through Amazon.
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Wooden Skittles

Toys of Wood Oxford do traditional games superbly - it's a real strength of their range and this lovely skittles set is another great example. These attractively decorated wooden skittles have lovely animal faces, with the bodies numbered 1 to 10. The 10 skittles are accompanied by two wooden bowling balls. The game is suitable for indoor or outdoor use (but don't leave them outside!) on any firm surface - carpets aren't ideal but wooden floors/decking and paving slabs are good surfaces. The numbers on the skittles are useful for children to learn numbers as they set them up, and to learn addition as they score; they can also be used for other number games for young children. The game also teaches children hand-eye coordination and encourages cooperative play, as they share and take turns; different ages can play from different distances to give everyone an equal opportunity. Extend the imaginative and creative value of the game by encouraging children to create their own cardboard bowling alley. This bowling toy is suitable for 2 years upwards, and for maximum benefit and fun, it's recommended that parents or other adults are present to supervise and enjoy the interaction of children with this toy. A beautifully made set, which is a joy to play with.



Toys of Wood Oxford Wooden Chinese Checkers and Gobang (Five in a Row) 2 in 1 board game

Wooden toys and games are wonderful to enjoy as a refreshing change from the ubiquitous plastic - and good for our planet as well, of course. Toys of Wood Oxford have a fabulous range and this is another traditional set to give hours of pleasure. The well-finished solid wooden board offers two fun games - Chinese Checkers (60 brightly coloured pegs, 10 of each colour) and 5 in a Row (Gobang) game (30 white chips and 30 black chips). For those not familiar with the games, clear instructions on how to play are included. Both are very simple to play and children from 6+ will easily pick up the game play - the great thing is that, the more you play, so your strategies develop, making the games increasingly challenging. Chinese checkers can be played by 2-6 players and objective is to move the 10 pegs from one triangle to the one opposite. Five in a row is a game for 2 players. The first one who can get five chips in a row wins the game. These are games the whole family can enjoy together and, with the attractive appearance, you will be happy to leave the game on display. Both games are great strategic and mind games, easy to learn and fun to play.

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towo checkers

towo checkers 1


Toys of Wood Oxford Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzles

This three-in-one puzzle combines a Galileo Globe, Halley's Comet and Lock Ball (football) Puzzle in one neat and very attractive set. The wood is smooth and has a lovely tactile feel. The lovely dark shiny wood means it looks good as an ornament too. Endless fun as you take the puzzles apart and reassemble them in one of the shapes - it's quite a challenge! Each puzzle is 7.5x7.5X7.5 cm, and comes nicely packed in a box. This set of mind puzzles helps to improve lateral thinking and develop concentration skills - it's very relaxing to do, as you get immersed in solving the puzzles, forgetting about anything else. Interestingly, it seems easy one time but on trying again, it seems impossible; that makes it even more fun as you never know how it will turn out. Instructions are included, but don't spoil the fun by looking at them, if you can possibly help it. Why not extend children's interest by encouraging them to find out more about Galileo and Halley? The puzzle can be enjoyed by adults and children over 8 years old. This would make a wonderful gift for a dad - it's a great desk toy, with its relaxing tactile feel - one of those things people simply can't resist picking up!

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towo teaser

 towo teaser 1

Wooden Stacking Blocks with Numbers

This is another really well made game from Toys of Wood Oxford - they make some exceptionally good wooden toys which have a lovely traditional feel but still appeal to today's children. This stacking block set has 54 fine beech wood blocks with numbers from 1 to 54 on the ends. To play the game in the classic way, children build a build a tower of 3 x 18 layers, then face the challenge of seeing how far they can dismantle it one by one without the tower toppling over. An excellent way to develop manual dexterity and to encourage children to think ahead to gauge the impact of each action. Other games can be tried, such as one player choosing odd numbers and the other even numbers. Imaginative and inventive children will find all sorts of ways to play with these blocks - how about as construction toys or toppling dominoes? They can also be used for maths games. Children will really need a steady hand to play this and it's wonderful to see the concentration as they try so hard not to be the one who makes it all topple!



Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game

This is a really exceptional fishing game which has so much to offer beyond the standard expectation. The wooden board has shaped spaces for cut-outs of 15 beautiful sea creatures. Each piece has a number from 1 to 15 on the back and these represent the creature's level in the food chain and the depth at which they are found in the sea. The back of the box shows the levels at which creatures are found as well as naming them, numbers at back to represent their power of the food chain and their depth in the sea. The creatures all fit into a wooden frame which is attractively illustrated and sturdily made. The set comes with two magnetic fishing rods and each creature has a magnetic stud. There are many different ways to play with this game. Younger children will enjoy playing as a conventional fishing game and this is an excellent way to develop co-ordination and fine motor skills. Either play by seeing who can catch the most, perhaps within a certain period of time, or add to the challenge by seeing who can catch the creatures worth more points - this means children are encouraged to develop memory skills by remembering which creature has how many points. Play with it like a jigsaw, replacing the pieces once the fishing is done. Of course, the toy can also be used to teach children about the food chain in the sea; the fishing board inside the frame indicates roughly the vertical depth of sea and the distribution level of these creatures in the sea. A lovely extension of a popular game which will develop many key skills and encourage children to take an interest in the natural world.



Toys of Wood Oxford Wooden Nuts and Bolts Kit Discount offer

This 30 piece kit is a lovely traditional set. It's a type of toy familiar to generations and one that has stood the test of time. It's a great way to introduce the principles of construction kits and the chunky pieces of this wooden set are ideal for children of 4+.  The set includes nuts, bolts, building blocks and a screwdriver; many pieces are painted in bright colours (with safe paints, of course). An instruction sheet is included with various suggested models, and children will probably need adult help to get started. Once they have grasped the principles, they will soon be using their own creativity to design and build different models. Many key skills will be encouraged, including manual dexterity, creativity, imagination, problem solving, design skills and perseverance. For some really imaginative play, why not encourage children to build toys or furniture for their teddies and dolls? There are many ways the set can be incorporated into play scenarios; with model trains perhaps. The manufacturing quality is good and there are no rough edges to the wood. Another lovely toy and one that will be used over and over again.



Toys of Wood Oxford Wooden Activity Centre

This multi-functional toy is excellent value as it incorporates five activities - alphabet blocks, numbers 1 - 4, an abacus, a clock, sliding fish plus a white board underneath. The alphabet blocks feature colourful pictures of common easily identified objects on one side - these are all named. On the reverse, on the same colour background to aid recognition, are letters - a large upper case letter plus a small lower case one. Little ones will enjoy flicking the blocks over, developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. The pictures offer plenty of opportunity for discussion; although the toy is recommended for 1+, for young ones to get the full benefit, they really need an adult to join their play whenever possible. On the other side are eight brightly coloured abacus rows, each with 10 beads to develop number skills. The sliding fish also develop hand-eye co-ordination. The clock face shows hours and minutes and has firm but easily moved hands. Finally, there's a whiteboard on the underside of the toy. This triangular toy is strong and safe and perfect for older babies once they are sitting securely as they can access all the features then. There are no loose pieces, making it perfectly safe and also no risk of pieces going missing. The toy is well made, using safe paints and there are rounded edges and smooth wood. This super toy offers lots of play value, and with so many options, it will keep little ones happily occupied for hours.

TOWO activitytowo activity 1

towo activity 2


 Toys of Wood Oxford 5 in 1 Activity Cube Bead Maze Discount offer

This is another toy that offers plenty of different activities in one neat product. This 5 in 1 activity cube includes a shape sorter, cog wheels, zigzag slides, clock with movable hands and wired beads maze.  With so many activities, there are lots of learning benefits - hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, imagination and fine motor skills are all encouraged. As well, children will explore colours, shapes, numbers, counting and telling the time. The beads maze can be detached from the cube to give two separate toys; it fits inside the cube, along with the shapes, to give a neat storage box - this also prevents any damage. Safe and environmentally friendly, the toy is made of sustainable wood with environmentally friendly and non-toxic paints. It conforms to EN71 and CPSA Standards and is tested and certified by International Accredited Labs. It's a well-made toy with no sharp edges and it's ideal for age 1 up. The beads maze is reminiscent of the toys so often found in children's waiting rooms, and they will love to have their own smaller version as it never fails to entertain. It's actually very relaxing and I am sure I am not the only adult who enjoys the gentle movement of the beads! An attractive toy with plenty of learning value.



Toys of Wood Oxford Wooden Animal Puzzles - Shinnington Farm Animals

This traditional wooden puzzle is perfect for children of 18 months plus. As well as encouraging hand-eye coordination, concentration and manual dexterity, the puzzle gives the opportunity to talk about one of children's favourite places - the farm. There's a brightly painted background, with a farm track, a duck pond (complete with ducks), trees, bushes and fences, so you can talk about life on the farm. There are eight puzzle pieces - cow, horse, cat, sheep, pig, duck, chicken and dog. These are well shaped with plenty of detail and they stand in place on the board with plenty of room for little fingers to get hold of the edges of the pieces. The animals have cheerful smiley faces - perhaps yur little one can make up conversations for them? And, of course, there are sounds to make.
 tow puzzletowpuzzle1

Toys of Wood Oxford Wooden Vehicle Puzzle - Shinnington Farm

This coloiurful puzzle with eight vehicles shapes which is set against a colourful background incorporates a road, the sea, a field and the sky to give the authentic backgrounds. The pieces are chunky and well made, with no roungh edges; the painting on thm is detailed and bright. To help children who are just learning how to do jigsaw puzzles, usefully, the pictures are replicated on the board underneath where the pieces go.The puzzle pieces can also be used separately, perhaps with a roadway game, or just to encourage imaginative play. We also drew around them, using them like stencils and then colouring the ensuing shapes. Both puzzles are made completely from wood with vibrant colours (and environmentally friendly paint) used to decorate them and to make them toys with child-appeal.


Butterfly Fairy Costume from Toys of Wood Oxford 

Children love fancy dress but it can be a real headache for parents when their child comes home and says 'It's World Book Day', 'I've been invited to a fancy dress party' or 'We have to dress up for the school play'. Now Toys of Wood Oxford have got the answer for you with a wide selection of fancy dress outfits at great prices. We were lucky enough to be sent two outfits and I know they are going to be firm favourites for the dressing up box. The Butterfly Fairy Costume comes with butterfly fairy wings, tutu, magic wand and headband and fits children age 3 to 8 (the headband may be a little small for the top end of the age range but it's easily replaced. The tutu is made of three layers of tulle with an elasticated waist and can be used a skirt on its own or with other outfits. The outfit is available in a range of colours - perfect for a group of friends; choose from pink, deep pink, aqua, yellow and purple. There are lots of glittery embellishments on the wings, the wand and the headband and these sparkle prettily under artificial light. The outfit is easy for even young girls to put on themselves which is an added bonus (a colour-matched t-shirt underneath will finish it off nicely). This is a really pretty set and it's good that it comes with all the accessories - no hunting around for additional items.


Toys of Wood Oxford Dinosaur Costume

This brightly coloured onepiece Dinosaur/Dragon jumpsuit comes in green and yellow and has a tail and spine pieces, as well as a snugly fitting hood with padded nosepiece. Sensibly, it is open at the trouser bottom to allow room to grow. The dinosaur costume comes in three sizes - Small (1-2 years old 92 CM), Medium (3-5 years old 110 CM) and Large (5-7 years old 122 CM). This is good value for money and has many potential uses - ideal for dressing up parties or everyday fun, or even as an onesie pyjama outfit. This is a well-made item, one that will prove durable for many wearingsAll Toys of Wood Oxford costumes (sold as Fun Play) conform to EN71 and CPSA Standard and are tested by International Accredited Labs. As well as being great fun, dressing up has all sorts of learning benefits. It can be a great way to give a shy child confidence, as they feel more anonymous in a costume; they can develop the imagination as children role play; if they chose to be a book character, they can research the character and read the books; historical research is encouraged when children dress up in period costume - or, of course, as a dinosaur! The lion shown in the picture below is also from Toys of Wood Oxford




Toys of Wood Oxford Wooden Tangram T Puzzle

Just four pieces can make an amazing 100 different shapes - but can you make a T? It seems simple but I promise you it isn't! Leave this out on the coffe table and I guarantee everyone will have a go - but perhaps you should hide the answer sheet? There are four colourful wooden blocks including an isosceles right triangle, two right trapezoids and an irregular shaped pentagon all packaged in a neat cardboard box. This traditional brain teaser game will really develop those lateral thinking skills - it's suitable for children 6 years plus as well as adults - often children are quicker than the adults!


Toys of Wood Oxford Wooden Stacking Rings and Counting Game

This sturdy and brightly coloured wooden stacking/counting toy comes complete with 45 rings. There are also 10 detachable numbered tiles which are coloured to match the colours of the rings and slot neatly into spaces in front of the posts for the rings; a finger slot is cut into the tiles to make them easy for little fingers to extract. One thing that immediately struck me was the inclusion of zero as one of the numbers - this is rarely seen but is a great addition to a counting toy, ensuring the concept is part of children's counting from early on; it also means the tile can be added to the other numbers to extend counting to 10, 20, 30 etc. Children's manipulative and fine motor skills will be developed by using the rings and stacking them, and colour recognition also learnt. The toy offers plenty of opportunities for adults to develop their child's learning, through asking them to sort colours, count out rings or match the number on the tiles to the rings, for just a few examples. The base includes dot counts for each number under the tiles. The pegs are all different, appropriate, heights and this makes stacking the correct number of rings easier for younger children, and they will learn the concept of taller and shorter - or they will just enjoy making pretty colour patterns! With so many rings, all sorts of shapes and patters can be created. I love Toys of Wood Oxford's bright wooden toys - they have a lovely traditional feel that will appeal to both parents and children; the bright colours are durable and just as good as anything plastic - and sustainability is key (and we all know the importance of reducing plastics use). The toy conforms to EN71, ASTM F963 and CPSA Standards, and is tested and certified by International Accredited Labs. It's a toy perfect for school and home; its durability and learning value makes it perfect in educational settings. At home, it will be used over and over again and when finally outgrown, can be added to a keepsake collection for future generations. It looks really lovely displayed in a child's room too.




Toys of Wood Oxford Wooden Tangram Puzzle Game Large Size

There can be few of us who didn't enjoy a Tangram set as children - and they still appeal to all ages with their bright colours and tactile feel. They have to be wooden, of course, for that authentic feel! This set of seven pieces, packed into a colourful box, can (amazingly!) be used to create over 200 patterns - mind games to keep children and adults happily engaged for hours! But if you really need some help, there's a useful leaflet included illustrating the patterns with solutions. The colourful box and comprehensive leaflet make this an ideal gift, and it stores away neatly too. There are many educational benefits from this simple toy - imagination, creative thinking, problem solving and maths (as well as introducing geometry). The Tangram set is made of sustainable wood with environmentally friendly and non-toxic paints; it is really well made and very satisfying to play with. It's good to know that all wooden toys by Toys of Wood Oxford conform to toy standards and are tested by the seller's own or friends' children, and we are really pleased to be working with this excellent company to highlight their superb products. In today's throw-away society, high-quality wooden toys are very relevant and encourage an appreciation for good craftsmanship.



Shinington Farm from Toys of Wood Oxford

This is a toy that really stimulates the imagination and goes well beyond being just a construction kit. With 223 pieces in all, there's plenty to keep your young one happily occupied for plenty of time - and it's a toy they will return to over and over again. There are 172 interlocking beech wood logs, 27 colourful wooden farm life essential accessories and livestock plus 24 pieces of farm ground plan (87x65cm) jigsaw puzzle - I love this element of the toy, which gives an added dimension, and a good starting point. The pieces are well made and seem very durable; like all wooden toys, this won't date and can be passed down from one child to another - or even one generation to another. It's really high quality and the paintingis very good. With so many pieces, children's imaginations have plenty of scope to draw and design their very own farm.  There are clear instructions to start children off, perfect for younger ones. They may like to incorporate existing farm animal sets too. As well as the logs, the set includes livestock, trees, flowers, vehicles and people. Younger children will probably need some help (recommended age is 3+), but older ones will play happily on their own, making this a product with longevity. The wood logs have interlocking grooves, and they can be reused as many times as your child wants to recreate their farm, whether it's one big farmhouse or a range of farm buildings. The flexibility makes this a superb way to encourage inaginative play; manual dexterity is enhanced by the kit and there's enough here for siblings or friends to work together, encouraging discussion as they plan their farm. An impressive set, unusual and with lasting play and educational value. The finished creation gives children a real sense of achievement and, unlike many construction kits, there's plenty of play value once a model is created. An exceptional toy. All wooden toys by Toys of Wood Oxford are tested by the seller's own or friends' children. This set is safe and environmentally friendly, being made of sustainable wood with environmentally friendly non-toxic paints; these are things we should all be looking out for when purchasing toys. It conforms to EN71 and CPSA Standard and tested and certified by International Accredited Labs.

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