Reviews - school essentials

There is a vast range of school equipment on the market today. We have reviewed some of the best products around to give you help in selecting the most suitable for your child. We have included some other products here that are not strictly for school, but that will be useful in daily life. The selection also includes some weekly/monthly magazines.

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Rex London

Stand out from the run-of-the-mill with Rex London's fabulous range of products. "Welcome to Rex London, a quirky, unique treasure trove of gifts and homeware. Bringing you bright, colourful gifts and retro home decor, you’ll find something for everyone - all at incredible prices." We've reviewed a selection from the children's ranges. I was amazed by the fabulous range of backpacks - there really is something special for every child. We received a lovely Panda backpack. They are ideal for  school, holidays or family days out, and the mini size is ideal for young children, who can sometimes seem overwhelmed by bigger backpacks - the measurements are Width: 21cm, Height: 28cm, Depth: 10cm. The backpack has a sturdy carrying handle on top and adjustable padded shoulder straps which help to balance the weight evenly and effectively, important to ensure children's physical health. Our young tester found the backpack really comfortable and it stayed firmly in place even when he was running around. The padded back offers an extra level of comfort. There's a zipped main compartment plus a small front pocket for easy access for frequently used items - the zips have tabs for easy opening. It's really well made, well sewn so its durable and made of high quality plasticised material. The backpack easily wipes clean with a damp cloth.  A high quality product.

There's a whole range of accessories available in matching patterns - this is really helpful for young children, so they can readily identify their own set of belongings - and matching sets look great too!  Perfectly accompanying the backpack is the small Miko the Panda water bottle which, with its neat stretchy plastic carry strap which is easy to keep clean, is perfect for that all-important hydration om-the-go. Volume is 340ml and the bottle is dishwasher safe (top shelf). The screw top really is leakproof and easy for little hands to open. The adorable designs in the range include Rusty the Fox, Magical Unicorn, Prehistoric Land and many more, with something to appeal to every child.  
Our final item was the unusually shaped Blue whale wooden ruler. Far from the standard boring ruler, this bright and sturdy wooden ruler is shaped like a blue whale. It may seem gimicky but actually, it's ideal for young children as it's so much easier for them to grasp and use than the conventional straight ruler - and it makes learning fun! The packaging includes some fun blue whale facts and this is a practical product that makes a fun gift to brighten up the pencil case. The ruler total length is 22cm and the ruler measurements are 0-15cm. I encourage you to have a browse around the website - there are some really lovely ideas on there, for children and for adults - many quirky and unusual things that you won't find elsewhere. Visit Rex London.

WriteSize Writing Products

Writesize "are on a mission to make it easier, faster and more enjoyable for children to learn to write confidently. Our unique writing and colouring pencils have been specifically designed for a child's hand. They have a wider diameter to allow for better grip, a softer core so less pressure is applied and a shorter length promoting greater control. Our Alphabet and Handwriting Practice Books will help your child learn letter formation, build letter familiarity and establish a solid writing foundation." Learning to write - and finding it enjoyable and rewarding - is a key part of learning skills and an essential one, even in our technological age. We were thrilled with the products we received, which will really benefit children. The writing pencils are designed to help children learn and improve their writing skills. Encouraging the correct writing skills from the outset prevents the development of bad handwriting habits. Write Size pencils come in three sizes: 2-6 years, 6-10 years and 10+ years. Being shorter than normal pencils (and becoming longer through the age range), the pencils fit easily into children's hands, without the lack of balance often felt with full length pencils. They are easy to grip too, giving good control. All the same benefits are found in the erasable  Colouring Pencils, which come in a range of vibrant colours (12 in a pack). The wider diameter is perfectly sized to enable a child to grip and control correctly, making colouring more enjoyable and less tiring. The fact they are erasable is a great boon, encouraging children to experiment, and building confidence.  Writing Book 1 helps your child become familiar with the alphabet by allowing them to trace and practice letter formation. There is a full page per upper and lower case letter, showing how to form each letter, and with lots of rows for practice. The ring binding means the pages are easily lie flat. Writing Book 2  has been developed to continue from Book 1, helping your child build on their new skills to begin writing words with a fun colouring section on each page. We also received motivational stickers and an attractive and colourful Double Barrel Eraser/sharpener combination. Moving on, we were also sent erasable colour pencils for ages 6 - 10 which are perfectly sized for these older children, and sets of pencils for 6 - 10 and 10+, nicely scaled to suit growing children. These are excellent products, eminently practical and perfect to encourage good writing skills right from the outset. All these products can be purchased directly from Writesize.



















































































Osmo Creative Kit

Osmo are an award winning game system that changes the way your child interacts with the iPad by opening them up to hands-on play. The Osmo Creative Kit comes in a box with: an Osmo base for iPad, Osmo Creative Board, 3 Osmo Game Apps (Monster, Newton and Masterpiece), 6 Dry Erase Markers and a Fuzzy Pouch. To get started you need to download the games from iTunes and create an account on the Osmo website and you are ready to go! The Osmo system works by having your iPad sitting in the Osmo base, a red reflector then clips on top of your iPad and it is this part that can 'see' what you are doing in front of the screen.


You are guided by Mo, the monster, through your choice of three activities where you are prompted to draw a selection of objects. The drawings are done on the special wipe clean Osmo Creative Board with the dry-wipe markers that come in the set. Once you have done your drawing, it will magically appear on the iPad screen in front of you as part of the story! This is very clever and it works extremely well, your drawing is perfectly replicated on the screen and children will find this fascinating. This game is aimed at ages 4-9 and the activities can be played again and again with different versions each time. The game encourages children to use their imaginations and you can save your activity as a video so that your child can show you what they have been up to!











For ages 6-12, this is a drawing game in which you can either choose one of your own images from your device, or one from the large collection of images on the game, which vary in difficulty. The image you want to draw is shown on your iPad screen as an outline, when you move your hand and pen over your Creative Board you will see your pen on the iPad screen and this allows you to watch the screen to trace the outline with your pen. Once the outline is done then you can colour it in, correct any bits and finish it off. Another very clever game that will help your child with their drawing skills, hand-eye coordination and dexterity. We found that once you get on to the more difficult outlines then you may want to invest in some finer point dry-wipe pens so that you can get all the details in there.


I must admit, it took me a few goes on this to work out how to do this one! There are two types of game - rolling and bouncing. In the rolling game, balls are dropped from the top of the screen and you have to draw or find objects which create different shapes and lines on to the Creative Board in order to get the balls to go where you need them to. The balls have to power up a number and you need a certain amount of them to hit the right place. You can draw and wipe off your lines as you go to get just the right angles. The bouncing game is similar, but the balls bounce, so you have to get them to bounce off lines you have drawn or objects that you have placed on the board so they hit the right points. There are no special pieces for this and you can just use the pens, or you can find small objects to help you, you can even use your hands as the game will pick up your hand outlines and the balls will roll or bounce around them! This game is aimed at ages 6-12 and will definitely appeal to those who love problem solving and experimenting to get things to work.

Super Studio - Mickey Mouse











This is an entirely separate game to the Creative Kit, the game box consists of a themed Super Sketch Pad, a Super Marker and a Super Sweeper micro fibre cloth; you need to download the Super Studio app from iTunes and you are ready to go! The Super Sketch Pad sits in front on the Osmo base instead of the Creative Board and on each page there are parts of the image for you to fill in as you go; you are encouraged to be creative with your drawings and then watch your drawings come to life in an animation! There are three stories to choose from which feature all of your best loved characters. The pen that comes with this is quite fine so you are able to add a lot of detail to your drawings and the pad has a special coating which makes the pen rub off with the Super Sweeper cloth when it is slightly damp. This means it can be used many times and by more than one child. Another great game for encouraging creativity and developing imagination.

I have been very impressed with the Osmo Creative Kit; it was so quick and easy to set up, the website will store all of your child's achievements from the games they have played and you can also download a parent app for this. Osmo was only available on the iPad since its release in 2014 but it has now added the Amazon Fire tablet as a compatible device for some of its kits - check their website for more details. The games are extremely responsive, the instructions are clear and the graphics are very high quality, they are very quick to launch, there is no waiting around, which is great for younger children who can be impatient waiting for games or apps to start up. All the games have high educational value and Osmo have great range of other games such as coding, detective, numbers and words. Each app for the games is free to download but you will need to purchase the game kit in order to use them. Take a look at their website to see what else they have to offer!










Skip Hop Sage Sloth Backpack

This gorgeous backpack from the Skip Hop Zoo range is just one of their fun, funky and practical backpack designs. The Sage Sloth backpack has different textures and materials on the front of the bag such as the button style eyes and leather look nose and hands. It has adjustable straps which are well padded for comfortable wearing and a mesh bottle pocket on the outside which avoids any drinks leaking inside the bag. The bag has an insulated pouch on the front with a mesh pocket inside and both the pouch and the main bag zip-pulls have matching green leaf designs which are big and easy for younger children to grasp. The main bag pocket is spacious and has a bright blue lining along with a name label that can be written on. The Sage Sloth bag is the perfect size for younger children; it would make an excellent nursery bag and it is just the right size for your child to carry their favourite toys or books in when you go out. The Skip Hop Sage Sloth backpack retails at £20 and you can see the full Zoo backpack collection from Skip Hop here

Stib Inspirational Jumbo Pencils

These unusual and thought-provoking crayons come in a pack of 12 vibrant colours, each of which stibhas a 'positive' word embossed on it which include great leader, big thinker, joy finder and freestyler. Each word or words will encourage children to think about the meaning of the word and how it can be applied to them, provoking thoughtfulness and discussion - find out more here. The words have all been matched with an animal character, that together form The Stiblers. 12 free Stibler animal stories can be downloaded at Each pack of pencils contains a specially designed sheet of Stibler stickers, which can be used to decorate the Stib tube or elsewhere. Children are encouraged to send their designs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The pack also includes a bright orange double pencil sharpener which is practical as the crayons are larger than normal.The crayons have a matt finish which makes them easy to grip as well as making them very attractive; the triangular shape helps with correct pencil grip.  The crayons are strongly coloured and colour well and are stored in an attractive sturdy card tube. An interesting and unusual concept which encourages confidence and discussion of positive traits, these are practical and lovely to use - a great gift which is a little out of the ordinary. Stib believes in the potential of all children to do amazing things, which is why they give 10% of profits to education projects supporting vulnerable children in the UK & overseas. Buy your crayons from Stib here.











Ion8 Leak Proof Water Bottle - Cheeky Monkeys

We've gone through plenty of water bottles in the past that claim to be leak proof but often we find they have leaked all over a packed lunch and with the emphasis on using less single-use plastic we are keen to use reusable bottles. The first thing I noticed about the Ion8 bottle is the way it feels; it has a lovely soft touch coating which gives it grip and it has a chunky woven carry handle. The flip top lid is kept secure with a clip which can easily be unclipped with one hand and then a simple button flips the lid wide open so you can reach the vented fast flow lid for rapid hydration. To secure the top so it doesn't leak you just need to close it back until it clicks back down and move the clip back up so it can't come open. The bottle has a wide neck which makes it really easy to clean and the bottle is BPA free and Phthalate free and is suitable for both hot and cold drinks. We love the look of this bottle; it features the unisex 'Cheeky Monkeys' designs with a matching lid in different shades of green. The bottle holds 350ml of liquid which is a great way of keeping track of how much you have been drinking and after using it for a couple of weeks we are pleased to report that we have had no leaks at all thanks to the seal and lock lid. A really great bottle which is perfect for lunchboxes, school bags or trips out, buy here!


























Magformers 90 Piece Magnetic Construction Set with Storage Box

This is an incredible set of construction magnets which includes shapes that we haven't seen in magnet sets before and they allow you to make some amazing creations. The Magformers magnets come inside their own sturdy, plastic, stackable storage box and toys with lots of parts that come with their own storage will definitely appeal to many parents. Inside the box you get 90 magnets in various shapes; triangles, squares, cones, pentagons, spheres, hexagons, rectangles, isosceles triangles, trapezoids, diamonds, sectors, super sectors, arches and super arches. There is a comprehensive booklet inside the box which guides you through making each design by showing you which magnets you need and the steps to take in order to complete it. There are also a variety of net designs which are made by laying the magnets flat on the table or floor and then carefully pulling them up so that they join together and create a 3D shape.

There is no limit to what you are able to build and create with this set and by making the structures in the booklet you will come to understand how the different shaped magnets work together which will help when it comes to designing your own structures. Magformers are not only great fun but they are also an excellent educational toy; they inspire creativity and help to develop fine motor skills as well as teaching children about the properties of magnets and supporting 3D brain development. Shape and colour recognition are other benefits along with size comparison and symmetry.

Magformers are made from strong plastic, the magnetic pieces are safely sealed inside each shape and made from neodymium which is known as harmless to human health. My mini reviewers absolutely love playing with magnets, they have made some of the models in the book, and plenty of others that they have designed themselves. There is at least one point during the day that this box of magnets comes out and I think it is because this large box gives them limitless possibilities so they never tire of trying to make things. Magformers are for ages 3+ but under close supervision my 2 year old also finds them fascinating and will sit for just as long as her older siblings building things, I also find them quite relaxing to sit and play with! There is a huge range of different sets of the Magformers website so do take a look!

Educational Wall Art from Eduprints Plus

Eduprints Plus comes from the team behind Exam Papers Plus and they have produced a fantastic selection of wall art designed to help inspire and educate children with their fun designs. The Eduprints Plus range includes prints of every times table from 1 to 12; they all come in A3 size and are all bright, fun and colourful with different animal on each. Times tables can be boring to learn and repetition is often the best way to get to grips with them, but children will love looking at these prints over and over again with their eye-catching designs.

Other designs include fifteen vocabulary prints; each print focusing on one single word, such as 'laugh' which is then surrounded by 6 synonyms for that word. These are a great idea and I've only seen classroom style posters with this concept, so I really like these as the designs as look modern and stylish when mounted on the wall. The third style of wall art is motivational and inspirational quotes; again, all of these prints are beautifully designed and each completely different. I think inspirational quotes are a great idea to have up on the walls for children to read, just a few words that they will glance up at a couple of times a day and think about. We were kindly sent three prints from Eduprints Plus to review -the 4 times tables print and two inspirational quotes. I chose the times tables print as we home educate and this is the one that we are currently learning. My second choice was 'Don't be afraid to be different' as I don't want my children to think that they have to be anything other than themselves, and my final choice was 'Looking for magic? You'll find it in a book' as we love books in this house and reading is a really important part of our day.

The first thing I noticed about the prints when I opened the envelope was the outstanding paper and print quality, from their website I can see that they are printed on 350gsm paper and they have surface protection which keeps them looking their best for longer. They do have a lovely smooth, matt finish and although they come unframed, the quality of them does mean that frames are not necessary as they are thick and sturdy enough to put up without. Overall, we love these prints with their bright and playful designs and I love having educational prints and posters up for the children. The quality of the prints is without a doubt the best I have come across and I will be adding to our collection! All of the prints come in A3 size and are all £12, with free delivery if you order four or more. Head over to the Eduprints Plus website to see their full range.

Staedtler Noris Club Gel Crayon

This comes as a pack of six assorted colours - yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and green. These chunky crayons are perfect as first crayons with their fun twist and colour concept - although young children may need help to get the lids off. The gel crayons have an extra soft, really colour intensive gel which produces excellent results without the need for too much pressure; this is always a good thing for young children who are inclined to press too hard. Each crayon has a sliding sleeve to prevent breaking and makes it comfortable to hold, as well as ensuring the crayons don't mark other surfaces. These are well designed, feel good in use and work well, with a subtle glitter effect which is very effective.

Staedtler Noris Club Fibre Tip Fine Nib Pen

The 12 vibrant colours of these fine nib fibre tip pens have a 1 mm line width. U sefully - and parents will welcome this - these fibre tip pens use a food dye ink which means that the colour can easily be washed out of most textiles. This is an excellent feature as children love fibre tip pens but the stains from other makes can be impossible to remove. The tips are strong and precise and didn't splay out even after a long colouring session. For safety, the pens have a ventilated cap. Of course, you can buy cheaper pens, but the quality is well worth the extra cost, and the pens are more durable, don't dry out even if left uncapped, as well as offering safety features, so the extra cost is definitely a good investment to make colouring more satisfying.

Staedtler Wax Twister Crayons

If you're anything like me, you get very fed up with finding broken wax crayons all over the place. It seems inevitable that children press hard with their crayons and normal wax crayons just can't cope... and that's where these are such a great idea. The pack of 12 Noris Club wax twisters are vibrant coloured wax crayons that you simply twist to colour. The crayons are especially break resistant and the lead diameter is approx. 6mm. They are full length crayons, unlike most inexpensive wax crayons which are short and not so easy to hold - these help correct pen positioning for young children, important even when colouring, not just when writing. The colours are strong and vibrant, with a good range including a useful flesh colour and other browns. The pens are comfortable to hold, clean in use and the twister mechanism works easily.

Staedtler  Triplus Fineliner Superfine Point Pens, 0.3 mm, Assorted Colours, Pack of 10

These Fineliners have an ergonomic triangular shape which helps children to hold the pens correctly. The superfine metal-clad tip with a line width of approx. 0.3mm is ideal for precision work and perfect for relaxing, stress-busting colouring for children and adults. The colours are really strong and bright, and the tip remains precise even after plenty of use; they work well on paper and card and the colour range is just right for most uses. The water-based ink washes easily out of most textiles; if pen is left with the cap off the ink will not dry - a very useful feature. The pens come in a plastic box which stands up - just flip the top flap back and click it into place, creating a stand for easy access to the pens - very neat. Stationery addicts will love these pens, and the box.

Staedtler Noris Colouring Pencil

Colouring pencils are a pencil case essential and these improved colouring pencils are perfect, with plenty of features that make them practical and durable. The coloured pencils are made from the enhanced wopex material, a useful production process which is a special blend developed by Staedtler, making the pencils stronger and easier to sharpen; I found them less messy to sharpen too. The six-sided barrel makes the crayons easy to hold and helps children with the correct pencil grip, thereby helping letter formation and writing skills. In addition, the crayons feature a non-slip rubberised surface. Increased break resistance is another feature - children inevitably press hard when colouring, and this is a really useful feature to save endless sharpening and to make the crayons longer-lasting. Last, but by no means least, the bright vibrant colours look really good on paper, producing drawings of which children can be proud. A super set of crayons which will also be appreciated by adults.

Staedtler Metallic Markers 

This versatile set of metallic markers comes with five pens - green, blue, pink, gold and silver. The pens are ideal for scrapbooking, greetings cards, labels and general crafting, as well as for adding special extra touches to colouring pictures - just a few touches of these really 'lift' the pictures; the nibs are a little thicker than I would generally use for colouring. They can be used on light and dark paper (they are stunning on dark paper), cards and dried FIMO air; the ink has a lovely sheen to it. It's good to know that the ink can easily be wiped off smooth surfaces using a damp cloth. The pens have a rounded tip and line width is approx. 1-2 mm. I do love my pens, and this set is just brilliant - children may well find their pens mysteriously 'disappear' so I recommend that adults buy their own set when buying them for children!

The Curious Dragons - Educational Maths Games

Curious Dragons 11

The Curious Dragons is a set of educational maths games, for ages 3-5, its aim is to nurture and develop your child's numerical and reasoning abilities. It was designed by a highly experienced Advanced Skills maths teacher and is based on the successful 'Singapore Maths' method. The Singapore Maths method uses the approach in early years maths of: Touch it! Visualise it! Symbolise it! Inside the box you get five separate boxes numbered from 1 to 5, each box has a different game inside which has a different focus, such as number sequence or number recognition, an instruction sheet is included.

Box 1 - Collect the Eggs

The game consists of 20 egg counters, 2 game boards and a spinner and is for two players. Simply spin the spinner and place the number of eggs that the spinner points to on to your board, the winner is the first to fill up their boards. The instructions give you tips which will help your child with their learning and extra questions that you can ask them so that you can be confident that they are sound in their understanding.

Box 2 - Fill the Nests

For this game you get a game board, 20 egg counters and 6 egg counting cards. Each player takes it in turn to turn over a counting card and then has to place the corresponding number of eggs in the correct nest. The winner is the player with the least eggs left in their pile once all of the cards have been played once.

Box 3 - Number Match

In this game you have 2 game boards and 10 picture cards. There are two ways of playing this game; your child can either place the correct card on the correct number square, or you can place cards on the number squares, some correct and some not, and then ask your child if they are right place. This is the first game with numbers from 6 - 10.

Box 4 - Matching Pairs

There are 20 activity cards in this box and it is a traditional game of matching the pairs by laying all of the cards face down and picking up two at a time to find a match. The cards are not identical though; one card will have the number symbol on and the other card will have dragons or eggs on which match that number. The instructions give 3 additional ways to play this game and we like that it brings in the additional skill of memory.

Box 5 - Three in a Row

In this box there is a game board and 22 activity cards. To play, you each have a set of cards and you take turns to pick one up from your pile at a time and place it on the board with the corresponding number of dots. The winner is the first person to place 3 cards in a row, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. We were really impressed with this set, it is exceptionally high quality and your child will really enjoy getting it out and playing it with you over and over again. It really makes maths fun and the different methods of visualising numbers is a fantastic technique to help young children with their early maths skills. The Curious Dragons is aimed at ages 3+ and could always be used with younger ones who show an interest. The games should be played in the order of the boxes as each game builds on the skills learnt in the previous box. The complimentary activities that the instruction booklet offer are a great way of extending learning in everyday life so you can always be learning with your child, not just when the games are out. Take a look at The Curious Dragons website to find out more.

Parents in Touch have been offered a generous voucher code from The Curious Dragons, use parentsintouch20 for 20% off!

Helix Roald Dahl Stationery Set

This lovely stationery set, featuring ever-popular Roald Dahl characters, is perfect for a new term at school - or at home; recommended age 5+. The set contains the high quality products we have come to expect from Helix Stationery and includes a pencil sharpener with shavings holder and safety screw; six crayons; two eraser tipped HB graphite pencils; a white pencil case with doubled stitched seams and durable zip; a drawing book and sticker sheet. The stickers can be used to personalise the drawing book as well as the pencil case , which is a lovely idea. The set features, of course, Quentin Blake's iconic illustrations, making the set a delight for all Roald Dahl fans.



Helix Oxford Metallics Rose Gold Maths Set with Premium Ball Point Pen

Helix are perhaps best known for their maths sets, which have been a staple in schools for many years, due to their high quality, durability and accuracy. This really attractive set comes in an traditional-style embossed metallic tin with sleek rose gold finish (silver is available too) and the contents have traditional Oxford branding. The set includes a lovely matching rose gold ballpoint pen with a twist action nib and balanced metal barrel which makes it very comfortable to use. The set comes with ruler, protractor, set squares, compass, lettering stencil, pencil, eraser and sharpener, all manufactured to a high standard. There's everything necessary here, and it all stores tidily in the tin. A pleasure to use and hopefully will make those geometry lessons more enjoyable!



Maped Helix Jungle Color Peps Felt Tip Pens

I don't know what is so difficult about putting a lid back on a felt tip pen once it has been used, but apparently this simple task is just too hard for many children (including my own)! The Maped Jungle Color Peps are the answer to this problem with their innovative design which means you will never lose a pen lid again. The pens sit in fixed caps on a flexible base; when the pens are not being used the base can be closed which makes it compact enough to put in a pencil case or store neatly away and when you want to use the pens the base opens up to allow the pens to spread out so they can be easily pulled out. They come in a set of 12 and they are replaceable so you only need to buy the base once which means they offer good value for money.

The pens themselves are clever too as they use a 'blocked tips' design which stops the nibs disappearing if children press down on them too hard. Having the pen lids fixed to the base also eliminates the chance of pen lids being put in the mouth and being swallowed which makes this a particularly good product if you have younger ones in your house that might pick up stray lids. The ink in the pens is washable from many fabrics and the 12 included pens are good quality, very vibrant and feel like they will last a long time. These are not only great for use at home, but for taking out and about too and retailing at around £4.00 they are great value for money.

Helix Slush Puppie Pencil Case

This cup shaped pencil case features the famous and much-loved Slush Puppie Slush Puppie Casebranding in Blue Raspberry colour - the most popular flavour. It's really attractive and eminently practical for use at school or home. The pencil case cloth is covered in a protective coating ensuring it is durable and hard wearing. This is a really good sized pencil case with a large single compartment; so often, pencil cases just aren't big enough for all a child's writing implements, but this definitely is. I also like the fact it stands up in use, making it easy to select the appropriate pen or pencil. The metal zip around the top opens out almost fully, and the top is padded so those crayon tips won't get broken. Slush Puppie first arrived on the scene in the 1970s and has since grown into an internationally-renowned brand, popular with children and teens. A practical and well designed pencil case that will have instant child-appeal due to the branding and the friendly Slush Puppie it features.

Scratch Magic Note Cubes by Melissa & Doug

These are so pretty! As you write or draw on the matt black card with the wooden stylus (which is included) a whole rainbow of colours are revealed underneath. There are many ways to use them -jot notes, etch doodles, make cool illustrations and designs - the only limit is your imagination and these definitely encourage doodling. The pack includes 125 Rainbow Mini Notes and a wooden stylus in a reusable card desktop dispenser box. I was really pleased to see that these aren't flimsy, like post-it notes (which is what I was expecting) but good quality card, making them far more useful. Just a suggestion - inevitably, as children scratch off the surface, the black comes off so I'd recommend using these at a table. Not strictly an essential, I know, but such fun and a brilliant way to encourage creativity. Or even simply to encourage writing, as you ask children to write you notes. Children will love them... and so will adults!


First News - The Newspaper for Young People

First News is the UK's only newspaper for young people, it was founded in 2006 and it creates fresh and innovative news content that speaks directly to young people. This review is based on two copies of First News that we received for review so some features may not be included in other issues.


The newspaper is aimed at 7 - 14 year olds and covers topics that an adult newspaper would,  such as news, sport, entertainment, interviews, puzzles and competitions. There is a 'quick news' section inside the front cover which is 20 short news items that you can read quickly yourself and then share with your friends. I really love these bite-size chunks of information as many of them were things that I cannot imagine my child knowing anything about before he read them!

First News covers serious news topics, in this issue there was an article on Syria and the problems there. I thought this was another great feature as I think it is important that children aren't sheltered from world events when they aren't very nice, the newspaper explains things in a  simple and easily understandable way which doesn't sound as dramatic or scary as it might on the radio or on television. The newspaper is laid out much like a traditional newspaper but with brighter and more eye catching articles. The text is kept short or broken up in to boxes which will keep your child's concentration but there is also a huge amount of information packed in to those small spaces so it continues to be interesting to read.

There is animal news, science news, an interview with a footballer, a 'what's on' guide for summer festivals, a traditional cartoon strip, fun facts, coverage of charity events as well as puzzles, competitions, book reviews and much, much more! There are only a few adverts through the paper which are all child-friendly and relevant to the content e.g. books, theatre workshops and educational subscription boxes.

First News is the UK's widest-read publication for children and I can really see why, I have enjoyed reading them all the way through and you never get bored as there is such a variety of subjects to read about. I think that if I was a child reading First News then I would feel that it was really aimed at me, it is suitable for a wide age range (7-14) yet each article and feature seems to fit across the age range perfectly. I have found that there is so much to talk about with my child on every page, my mini reviewer is 7.5 and he has absolutely loved reading them. I will definitely be subscribing to these for him as it is a great way for him to learn all about world events, news from the UK and loads of other fascinating facts, features and fun stuff.

First News is published weekly and costs just £19.99 for 3 months, this works out at £1.54 per issue which is an absolutely brilliant price for the amount of content, not to mention much cheaper than some of the magazines aimed at kids. If you subscribe now you can get 6 issues for £0! Subscribe here!

Botley the Coding Robot from Learning Resources

My mini reviewer (7) couldn't wait to get started when we were sent this to review. In the box you get 77 pieces:

Botley the Coding Robot, Remote programmer, Instruction booklet, Detachable robot arms, Sticker sheet, Goal, 2 Balls, 2 Flags, 40 Coding Cards, 6 Boards (which join together like a puzzle) 8 Sticks, 12 Cubes and 2 Cone.

We started by going through the instruction booklet so that we knew (roughly) what we were doing. The buttons on the remote programmer are clear and easy to understand so your child shouldn't need to spend much time getting to grips with it. There are two modes on the bottom of Botley - Code and Line. Starting with simple coding we followed the instructions to start moving Botley around using sequences such as: FORWARD, FORWARD, RIGHT, RIGHT, FORWARD. You can then add steps to the sequence once Botley has completed his moves; add in the additional steps you want Botley to make and then press 'transmit' and he will complete the original sequence and the additional steps. The sequence can be cleared by pressing the 'clear' button. We tried a few sequences of our own and you can be helped out by using the Coding Cards; use the cards to keep track of the steps that you have programmed in to Botley, and these are also colour coordinated to match the buttons on the programmer. So far, the instructions are really clear which makes it far more enjoyable for your child as there isn't any frustration when they can't quite work out what they should be doing.

We then tried Object Detection, my mini reviewer found it quite funny as Botley honks continuously if there is something in his way, and only stops when you move the obstacle. Next was Black Line Following. On the reverse side of the coloured puzzle pieces are single black lines against a white background, move the switch under Botley to 'line' and place him on the black line and press the button on top of Botley. Botley will then follow the line and he will turn around once he reaches the end.

Botley comes with detachable arms which can be used to help him perform tasks and he will be able to guide and move objects, such as the included balls and blocks from one place to another. Further on in the booklet there are some Coding Challenges which are designed to help familiarise your child with coding commands, They start off with very simple tasks and slowly work up to much more difficult challenges and I really like the way that it is done step by step so that your child doesn't feel lost. You can also easily turn back a few pages to remind yourself how to do certain steps or how to use Object Detection.


My mini reviewer carried on playing with this for a very long time after we got it out, and wouldn't give up until he had worked out how to program Botley get a ball in to the goal! Botley is perfect for encouraging an interest in STEM learning and there are endless ways in which Botley can be used such as setting up mazes for him using objects from around the home or setting challenges for your child to figure out. Botley is suitable for ages 5 and over, which is the perfect age as children will start learning position and movement in Year 1. Botley looks fun and friendly and although he is not strictly a 'toy', children will have fun playing with him without realising how much they are learning. This would also be a fantastic resource for those who home school.

Botley requires 3AAA batteries and the remote programmer takes 2AAA batteries. The only downside is that it doesn't come in a box that you can keep all the bits in (unless you pack it back up in the plastic and cardboard it came in every time) as there is a window in the box so the pieces fall out. This is a little annoying as there are 77 pieces, many of which are quite small. This aside, Botley is a wonderful and very clever little robot which retails at just £79.00 and can be purchased here from Learning Resources
Kiddicone 4 


Wow! This is so impressive and children will simply adore opening the exciting package - the cone will seem simply HUGE to a young child. I found it really exciting so just imagine a child's reaction! Kiddicone make gifts for children about to start school and we were lucky enough to be sent a Farm Friends Filled Cone for review.  It includes layer after layer of surprise gifts and fun treats to compliment your chosen design. Just look what you get! 1 x Green Twist and Sip Water Bottle;; 1 x Scrap Book to record School Memories and Achievements; 1 x Animal Themed Activity Book with Stickers; 1 x; Crayola Pack of 12 Colouring Pencils; 1 x Crayola Pack of 24 Crayons; 1 x Pencil with Novelty Animal Themed Eraser Topper; 1 x Pack of Kleenex Tissues; 3 x Balloons; 1 x Yoyo; 1 x Animal Keyring;a1 x skipping rope ; 1x bouncy squeakyy ball; 1 x Bubble Wand; 1 x Play Dough (10 colours) with Shape Cutters; Treat size Raisins, Chocolates and Sweets (Kiddicone even offer a vegetarian option, which is a great feature). (Contents may vary slightly in colour or design from these.) It all comes in a great big colourful cone with matching orange ribbon and tissue paper to secure the contents. It's an extremely well chosen selection, with appropriate gifts to really generate an enthusiasm for starting school, and tongive children plenty of fun. Other designs available are Owl, Pirate, Fairytale, Princess and Dinosaurs - a super variety to appeal to boys and girls, or unisex. Each Kiddicone is themed so your child will get an exciting range of gifts appropriate to the theme of the cone chosen - just one example of the thought that has gone into this exceptional product.

They are excellent value, at £37.95 (May 2017). Delivery is free on orders of any Filled Kiddicones anywhere in the UK, and you can expect delivery within 3-5 working days. See the whole range on the Kiddicone site, including unfilled cones if you want to create your own customised gift. We think these are simply brilliant; so well thought-out and what a wonderful way to generate enthusiasm for those first exciting days at school.  "The Company’s Founder spent her early years going to school in Germany. She fondly remembers her parents presenting her with what was known as a Schultüte (School Cone) on her very first day of school. It was filled with a range of exciting and practical items including stationery, books, toys and not forgetting those lovely sweet treats! To give children the best possible start in life, we are keen to support funding for Nurseries, Pre-schools, and Primary Schools in the UK and Ireland. If you would like information on how to join our growing number of Nurseries and Schools offering our products for sale, then please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.."

  Kiddicone 1
Kiddicone Dinosaur Kiddicone Owl Kiddicone Pirate Kiddicone Princess
 snowball science

Whizz Pop Bang

Whizz Pop Bang is an award-winning UK children’s science magazine that makes science fun and engaging for 6-11 year old children. My five year old tester was over the moon with his first edition. He immediately started to read it and although he obviously needed some help, there was so much he could enjoy by himself. We had the Snowball Science issue and there is a phenomenal amount here to keep children happily and productively engaged for many hours. Make a snow globe, a barometer, a rain gauge, a pinecone weather station and a weathervane; and cut out a snowflake puzzle. There's lots to read about as well, all linked to the theme of the issue. Plentiful illustrations make the pages really appealing and the magazine is an excellent support for KS1 and KS2 science. Each month’s magazine is jam-packed full of hands-on experiments, fascinating facts, science news and discoveries, as well as interviews with real scientists to spark those imaginations and help to inspire a love of science. A really excellent magazine that is bound to stimulate and encourage children. Find out more at Whizz Pop Bang and you can preview a magazine here. The best value subscription (January 2017) is £34.99 for 12 issues.


Erasable Felt Tip Colouring Pen

These erasable pens are a great way to encourage children to be as creative as they like, without worrying about going wrong. If they don't like what they have written or drawn, simply rub it out with the attached eraser stud and start again. The unique ink responds to heat generated by rubbing with the eraser and goes clear, allowing you to colour over again or just remove any lines that have gone wrong without any damage to the paper. The rubbing-out is not instant - as it is the heat generated that does the erasing, children need to persevere and keep on rubbing. Parents will love these - you can let little ones loose with them as the ink is erasable if applied to carpets/walls/sofas (as if children would...). Brilliant! Simply stick the hairdryer over the marks and providing the temperatures exceeds 65 degrees Celsius the ink will turn transparent. That really is the key with all FriXion products, the application of heat and the ink disappears. Clever science! If you want to be extra creative, partially erasing the colours gives a lighter, softer effect, or you can erase lines and shapes within your pictures to highlight detail. Ideal for the current colouring craze, these pens practically guarantee perfect results every time. They are perfect for all ages and have a number of practical everyday uses. As well as drawing and colouring, FriXion Colors are also perfect for marking up notes, proof reading or reference points in textbooks and a great solution for temporarily marking on fabrics. The 2.5mm polyester fibre tip gives a 0.63mm colouring stroke; the colours are clear and bright and the pens smooth in use; the tips appear to be very durable too. The pens are available in a range of 12 colours from the Pilot website, or from Amazon - Pilot Frixion Colors Erasable Fibre Tip Colouring Pen - Assorted, Pack of 12.

Erasable highlighter pens pens

Such a useful idea - how often have you highlighted a piece of text, only to find the wrong words are standing out! Now, with these erasable highlighters with 4mm polyester chisel tip, you can erase cleanly by friction-generated heat, leaving no debris and without any damage to the paper. Simply use the rubber tip that is on the end of the pen, or apply a heat source such as a hot (dry) iron) or hairdrier.. Ideal for maps, text books, diary entries and more. A truly unique addition to your stationery collection. Again, a boon for parents as highlighters can be very tempting for little ones to use in places they shouldn't. Make sure you don't leave any important work in the sun though! You can buy from Amazon Pilot Frixion Light Erasable Highlighter - Yellow/Pink/Green, Pack of 3 and you will find a range of other colours, including a very appealing pastel colour set - most unusual. The pens are precise and clear - a pleasure to use. The jazzy decoration will appeal too.

FriXion Ball Erasable Pen

These pens are completely erasable - just rub over the writing with the special end of the pen and the heat generated removes the ink. It's a great idea to refill and reuse where possible as it’s not only kinder on the pocket but also on the environment; it also helps children to be aware of being responsible and not wasting our precious resources. So, these pens are excellent. FriXion Ball comes in 9 colours, singularly, wallets and blisters in various formats - you can see the whole available range, and purchase your pens, on the Pilot Pens website. The pens are also ideal for children who are just moving on to pens from pencils, as they can rub out neatly, with no residue and no marking of the paper.Perfect for puzzles too - I find pencils just too pale so I will definitely be using these with my favourite puzzle books.  I also received a pack of three refills - it's a good idea to make sure you (or your child) always has refills to hand - they are quick and easy to exchange. Buy the black pen here, and the refills here.

Pilot Frixion Clicker Erasable Retractable Rollerball 

This is the retractable version of the traditional FriXion Ball; it takes the same refills and is a handy alternative for those that prefer a lidless pen - this is often a better option for children, who easily lose pen tops. These pens are available in the standard medium 0.7 (like the FriXion Ball pens) and also the 0.5 Fine version. 10 colours in total are available and again, in a superb variety of pack formats. FriXion lets you write, erase and re-write, all with the same pen - no more hunting for a rubber!. Ink eradicators often leave a yellow watermark but FriXion erases cleanly - there really is no trace left. You can also write, erase and re-write over the same area as many times as you want. I found both pens really easy to use, the tip glides smoothly and the rubber tip both makes them comfortable to hold and ensures they don't slip. The pen is easily refillable with a twist-action barrel to replace the refill. The eraser avoids getting in the way of the retract mechanism, which is instead actuated by the pocket clip. Please be aware - due to the erasable nature of the ink when exposed to strong heat, it is not recommended for use with legal documentation, signatures etc. Buy your pen from Pilot. pen

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Brilliant Colours Christmas Set


This seasonal Triplus fineliner special offer set comes with 10 vibrantly coloured pens, a gold metallic pen and seasonal postcards which will be perfect for writing those 'thank you' cards. The Fineliners have an ergonomic triangular shape which helps children to hold the pens correctly. The superfine metal-clad tip with a line width of approx. 1.0mm is ideal for precision work and perfect for relaxing, stress-busting colouring for children and adults. The colours are really strong and bright, and the tip remains precise even after plenty of use; they work well on paper and card and the gold pen looks brilliant on dark paper. The water-based ink washes easily out of most textiles; if pen is left with the cap off the ink will not dry - a very useful feature. The pens come in a plastic box which stands up - just flip the top flap back and click it into place, creating a stand for easy access to the pens - very neat. Stationery addicts will love these pens, and this special pack is ideal to keep children occupied creatively in the run-up to Christmas.

Staedtler Metallic Markerscolouring

Irresistible! This set of metallic markers comes with five pens - green, blue, pink, gold and silver. The pens are ideal for scrapbooking, greetings cards, labels and general crafting, as well as for adding special extra touches to colouring pictures - just a few touches of these really 'lift' the pictures; the nibs are a little thicker than I would generally use for colouring. They can be used on light and dark paper (they are stunning on dark paper), cards and dried FIMO air; the ink has a lovely sheen to it. It's good to know that the ink can easily be wiped off smooth surfaces using a damp cloth. The pens have a rounded tip and line width is approx. 1-2 mm. I do love my pens, and this set is just brilliant - children may well find their pens mysteriously 'disappear' so I recommend that adults buy their own set when buying them for children!

The Phoenix Weekly Story Comic

I well remember the joyful anticipation of arriving home from school on the day my weekly comic was due to arrive. Today's children and young people can feel that excitement if they have a subscription to the superb The Phoenix. The Phoenix is a 32 page weekly anthology comic suitable for boys and girls aged 6-12. It arrives through the post in a special Phoenix envelope every week to delight and inspire its readers! Every week, the magazine will be full of comic strip stories, some (in the true tradition of the comic) episodes in an on-going story. As well, readers have the opportunity to have their own work showcased in 'The Fanfare'. There are also factual sections - the magazines I was sent include 'Martin Brown's Lesser Spotted Animals' which describes such unusual creatures as the silvery gibbon, the guar and the onager; full of factual information, there are excellent. 'Phoenix Soup' is a fascinating medley of facts and spot the difference puzzles. Topical elements are included, for example the edition of 15 October commemorates the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings with some excellent pages based on the Bayeux Tapestry. There's lots more besides, with plenty of activities to involve the reader, all adding up to a fascinating collection that will have readers happily dipping in and out of the comic until the next edition is due. If you have a reluctant reader, The Phoenix will be excellent. It is beautifully produced, with high quality graphics on heavy shiny paper - a far cry from the comic of old. "At The Phoenix we care deeply about:
  • Publishing amazing content that delights, inspires and entertains.
  • Promoting reading for pleasure.
  • Introducing readers to new ideas and concepts.
  • Seeing creators get fair recognition and reward for their work.
These values shine through in every edition. I highly recommend The Phoenix - do take a look (it's available in Waitrose, W H Smith and bookshops). You can take out a subscription here - they offer excellent value for the amount of pleasure children will get from their magazine. It's a perfect present idea too - a present that arrives every week.


Scoop is a new monthly print magazine, especially written for children aged 8-12. It fills a very real gap in the market and I am impressed with the varied resources. These include short stories, poetry and graphic fiction from an impressive line-up of children’s writers and illustrators - I received the first issue with stories from, among others, Gareth P Jones and Catherine Johnson and poetry by John Agard. Comic strips and cartoons make the magazine accessible for even more reluctant readers, and everyone will enjoy the activities, puzzles and jokes, which ensure the magazine has appeal and value long after the first read. There are reviews and recommendations, and readers have their own chance to contribute to these - a great way to engage them with the magazine; there are also creative writing competitions. There are also plenty of factual articles, again from an impressive range of well-known people, including Georgia O'Keeffe and Tom Whipple (science editor of The Times). The whole magazine is in full colour and it is generously illustrated throughout - including some of Quentin Blake's illustrations from Kitty-in-Boots. There really is something here for everyone to enjoy and the joy of the magazine format is that it encourages children to take an interest and read about things they might otherwise have overlooked.You can take out a subscription here - either try the 3 month trial at £9.99 or sign up for a full year (10 issues) at £39.99. It's an exciting venture, and one I am thrilled to see. "Scoop is about indulging children’s love of the unexpected. Our aim is to enthuse children about the written word in as many ways as possible. It’s not only about books; it’s about all forms of story, hence our Dig into the Story motto... read on."

My Doodles Children's Novelty Character Suitcase

Holiday times are always eagerly anticipated, and now they can be even more fun with this super suitcase-cum-backpack. It's just the right size (dimensions: H370mm x W240mm x D110mm, weight: 1050g) for children to carry their travel essentials, whether off on holiday or for a sleepover. This wheeled suitcase is really well thought out, to help children get organized. There's a generously sized cushioned front pocket with a velcro fastener, which is ideal for storing en route essentials; there are mesh pockets each side, perfect for holding bottles. There's also an inside pocket and a secure zip closure, making sure belongings are kept safe. This suitcase is different though - and here's the great thing: it comes with comfortable, adjustable, wide straps that you can use to turn it into a backpack. The wheels are a good size and travel well over varying surfaces. There's even a pull out cover to hide the wheels when the suitcase is on your back (this would be improved if there was a clip to secure it over the wheels). It's very well made, with durable fabric that can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The friendly shark face will make it a winner with children. The suitcase has a pull out, height-adjustable handle to make it easy to pull along; no excuse for children not carrying their own luggage with this versatile piece of equipment. "At My Doodles we're all about making everyday things more exciting, which is why we've created a range of friendly characters and handy accessories to unleash your imagination. Designed to keep you company on your adventures, whether you're exploring at home or outdoors, we've made sure that My Doodles is always around to brighten your day." Take a look at their fabulous range - I'm sure you will be impressed; I certainly was!

My Doodles Cancer Research UK Children's Character Fun Novelty 85 dB Sound Limiting Headphone

Buy these lovely headphones and not only are you protecting your child's hearing, but you are also helping Kids and Teens Cancer Research UK - £1 from every set sold goes to fund research. We live in a noisy world, where we are bombarded with sound. It's essential that we protect our children's hearing and while we know it's important to tell them to keep headphones turned to a low volume, there are no guarantees. So that's where these volume-limiting headphones are invaluable - but they still deliver good quality sound. They are really comfortable to wear, with soft-touch material and swivelling earcups which fit snugly over the ears; they have a wide headband. They are easy to carry around, with their lightweight and foldable design which makes them perfect for putting in a bag or pocket. "Join us as we rally together to find new cures and kinder treatments for all the brave youngsters that face cancer. GBP1 from the sale of this product goes towards research to find better and kinder treatments for young people. Research holds the key to more children surviving and living longer, healthier lives." The technical bits - frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz, sensitivity: 85 dB; drivers: 40 mm dynamic; DC input voltage: 0.178 V; jack plug: 3.5 mm. We received the gorgeous unicorn design - there are 10 different animal designs, including owl, penguin and shark; choose yours here. My Doodles offer fantastic ranges of co-ordinating accessories, for the child who likes everything to match. They are really attractive products and they are practical and well-designed.

My Doodles Fun Children's Novelty Silicone Character Snap-On Analogue Wrist Watch

We were sent the My Doodles watch - another excellent product which is made with activity and adventure in mind - the durable silicon material means this watch won’t be easily broken. Just like the rest of the My Doodles range, the watches come in a range of exciting animal themes - we were sent the shark version, and there are eight others, including bee, alien and fairy - see them here. Not only does the watch face show the creature, but the surround is also customised to give a really great effect. The watch easily snaps on to the child's wrist, offering a perfect fit without fiddling around with a clasp; the snap is very effective and the design means the watch will grow with your child; the strap is wide, soft and comfortable. An extra feature is the removable strap and clock face, meaning children can carry their watch however they want. It's important to teach children to tell the time, and once they have mastered the skill, they need to start planning their own lives so they keep to time - and this fun range of watches is the perfect way to encourage that. Children will love wearing them and, if they are very lucky, they may even have matching items from the same range.

Noris Colouring Pencils -  12 Assorted from Staedtler

Colouring pencils are a pencil case essential and these improved colouring pencils are perfect, with plenty of features that make them practical and durable. The coloured pencils are made from the enhanced wopex material, a useful production process which is a special blend developed by Staedtler, making the pencils stronger and easier to sharpen; I found them less messy to sharpen too. The six-sided barrel makes the crayons easy to hold and helps children with the correct pencil grip, thereby helping letter formation and writing skills. In addition, the crayons feature a non-slip rubberised surface. Increased break resistance is another feature - children inevitably press hard when colouring, and this is a really useful feature to save endless sharpening and to make the crayons longer-lasting. Last, but by no means least, the bright vibrant colours look really good on paper, producing drawings of which children can be proud. A super set of crayons which will also be appreciated by adults who have succumbed to the current craze for colouring. There's a set of 24 for more colour choice - Staedtler Noris Colour 185 C24 Colouring Pencil - Assorted Colours.

Staedtler Triplus Colour Fibre-Tip Pen Desktop Box - 20pens

Staedtler have produced a pack of fibre-tip pens with a range of useful features that will be much appreciated by parents as well as by children. I think the 'Dry Safe' feature is particularly good, given children's penchant for leaving pens uncapped - these will not dry out (I left one out for a couple of days and it still worked well). The sturdy tips, line width approximately 1.0mm, are pressure-resistant, meaning they don't splay out when used so the precision is retained. The manufacturers say that the ink washes out of most textiles, which is a definite plus. The ergonomic triangular barrel makes writing and colouring easy, even for extended lengths of time; the pens are easy to grip, even for younger children. This set comes in a resilient plastic case which neatly flaps out and stands up for easy access. The 20 colours are an attractive selection and they are really vibrant on the page - perfect for children and adults who enjoy colouring. The storage box makes this a very practical set for school use and also ensures all the pens are kept together when colouring is done.
 lunch box

Lunch Box - Pirate from Becky and Lolo

Children will be very proud to take this attractive lunchbox to school or nursery, or out on picnics and days out. The pirate design (always a popular one!) is very appealing, with plenty of different images, and the colours are bold. It is made from durable canvas (PVC, BPA and Phthalate-free) with a padded carry handle for comfort, this brightly coloured lunch box is easy to keep clean - a great plus is that it is machine washable - and is fully insulated to ensure children's lunches are kept fresh and cool. This colourful lunch box has a double zip fastening insulated main compartment plus a zippered front pocket for additional snacks; useful if your child takes a breaktime snack as well as lunch. The lunch box comes with an inner mesh pouch to hold an ice pack - I tested this with an ice pack and it did keep frozen for around four hours, which is perfect to ensure the food is kept cold until lunchtime. The approximate measurements are 20cm (h) x 25.5cm (w) x 8cm (d) - plenty of room for sandwiches, fruit and other snacks as well as for a water bottle which can be secured using the velcro straps.  It's a good extra feature that the lunchbox can be personalised, at a cost of £4.99. A great way to encourage children to eat their packed lunches, with plenty of space and good features. Buy from Becky and Lolo.
 lunch bag

Children's Lunch Bag - Forest Friends

This is so cute - I would very happily use it myself! It features a lovely woodland design with squirrels, owls and other creatures pictured among the trees. It's ideal for pre-school and nursery as well as the early days of school; perfect for family outings too. Made from 100% cotton with a PVC coating inside and out, and blue edging, the lunch bag is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. There is a mesh pocket inside the insulated bag and this will keep the contents well chilled until lunchtime. Velrco straps hold a drink bottle safely in place so it does not crush the other contents; there's plenty of space for even the hungriest child's lunch; the approximate measurements are 25cm (w) x 19cm (h) 6.5cm (d). There are two edge to edge zips which allow the bag to open flat out, giving easy access to the contents. I like the fact this bag comes with a shoulder strap as well as handle, making it easy for children to carry even if they have other things to hold. A very attractive lunch bag which I can see little girls using as a general purpose bag too. Perfectly fit for purpose, with all the features a good lunch box needs... and very pretty! Buy from Becky and Lolo.

Toddler Backpack - Transport

A super looking backpack with an eye-catching transport design featuring lots of vehicles including planes, trains and trucks, set against a blue background. It is made from durable, scotchguarded canvas and it is machine washable - wonderful! This backpack is called Pack N Snack by the manufacturer as it features a front zipped pocket fully insulated and food safe to store snacks, packed lunches. The material is 600 denier fabric, PVC, BPA & Phthalate free for safety. Fully lined double zippered main compartment has plenty of space and there is a food safe front pocket, fully insulated for packed lunches and snacks This backpack also comes with several additional features - the bag has a reflective trim for night time safety; a hanging loop; a mesh pocket inside holds a name label and there is a mesh side pocket to hold a drink bottle upright and safely away from other contents. The backpack measures approx 29.5cm (h) x 24.5cm (w) x 11cm (d) - perfect for younger children, the size ensures it fits well and they don't become over-burdened. The wide straps, which are adjustable, ensure even weight distribution and ensure the backpack does not slip. Perfect for little boys, this is a very practical and well-designed backpack which will be very useful on all sorts of occasions, including for school and for outings - it's roomy enough to be an overnight bag. Buy from Becky and Lolo. Matching items are available, including a lunchbox and a pencil case.
 Becky and Lolo Becky and Lolo say "Our aim and passion is to provide high quality, unique and practical products that are either exclusive to us in the UK or are difficult to find on the high street. As such, we source products from all over the world including innovative items that challenge convention and have not yet reached the current market place. Our range of re-positionable children's wall stickers are a perfect example. We believe that any gift for a baby or child should be colourful and original to stimulate and inspire, and all of our ranges have been carefully hand picked with this in mind. Ultimately, our sole mission is to inject bright colours into every gift and make them stand out from the crowd. We are continually sourcing new and contemporary products with the most up-to-date and on-trend designs and brands. We also ensure that our products are displayed to their absolute best through the quality of our images and descriptions." I urge you to look at the fabulous range on their website - I was very impressed and I know you will be too.



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