This is a page for you to use with your children when they need to revise. It is always a good idea to try one of these worksheets after your child has completed a topic in school. This ensures complete understanding and shows where extra explanation is necessary.

These worksheets will also be useful to consolidate work before examinations. There are some SATS type papers included below. (Please see the Worksheet Finder for more SATS papers.) Also included are some 11+ type papers and a selection of Common Entrance papers for ages 7 and 11.

Please see the grammar and spelling pages for additional worksheets.

KS1 English revision paper Dragons
KS1 English revision (1)
Year 1 English paper
Writing tasks at KS1
Surprise KS1 SATS type paper
KS1 English revision paper - Giant
KS1 revision English topics
KS1 writing task Patch's diary
KS1 English revision (2)
A shorter writing task with guidelines
Key stage 1 English paper The seashore
KS1 English longer writing task 2
Reading and questions for KS1
KS1 exercise in English
English ideas for KS1
KS1 English Getting to know cats
Year 2 reading test
KS1 Longer writing task 2 - the best game
Writing tasks at KS1
Practice with reading
English activities 6 and 7 year olds 1
English activities 6 and 7 year olds 2
KS1 revision on English 2
English activities 6 & 7 year olds 3
English activities 6 & 7 year olds 4
English thoughts for Year 2
English revision for KS1
New English paper for KS1

Here are ideas which will help pupils with revision or reiteration of work already covered in years 3 to Year 6. There are comprehension pages, ways to brighten up your writing as well as Practice test papers. We have also included short story ideas for you to use as practice.

Year 3 English ideas
Year 4 English ideas
English paper for Year 3
Progress in English 11
Shorter writing task Year 3-mice
Year 3 English practice
Year 3 comprehension
Year 3 optional English reading paper
Year 4 optional reading task
Year 3 optional shorter writing task mice
Year 4 optional English In touch with nature
Year 4 optional English In touch ... answer booklet
Year 5 optional footprints in space
Year 5 optional Footprints in Space answer booklet
Brighten up your writing
Explanation of terms used in teaching English
Comprehension skills for KS2
Key stage 2 English skills
April Fools' Day KS2 English revision
English topics for revision key stage 2
English thoughts for revision at KS2
Year 5 optional reading task
Science investigation report for KS2
Writing task
KS2 practice English test
Books are great
The art of shopping
Help with comprehension
Mercury and the axe-comprehension
KS2 English SATS-type Animals
Revision English KS2 story writing
Story ideas for 8, 9 & 10 year olds
KS2 specimen English exam 2007
Key stage 2 shorter writing task
Tick box English test Year 6
English revision for Year 3 no 1
English revision for Year 3 no 2
Year 3 English revision
Year 4 English revision
Year 5 English revision
Year 6 English revision

SATS, 11+ and Common Entrance It is always a good idea to ensure that children are familiar with the layout  of any examination paper well before the examination. We have included some papers below for pupils to practice. Encourage them to try these and feel more confident when approaching the examination.

For our full range of papers, please use the Worksheet Finder and search on Subject "English" and select Resource Type as "11+/Common Entrance", "Revision & SATS-type" or "SATS papers"

Year 3 optional writing task
Year 4 optional English In touch with nature
KS2 specimen English exam 2007
English story writing exam at 11
Year 6 English revision paper a
Year 6 English revision paper b
Writing test for KS2 and spelling
Writing task TV
Year 4 optional longer writing
Year 5 optional longer writing
English paper for CE at 11a
Year 6 English practice test d
English paper for CE at 13 a
Beaches: KS2 revision paper for SATS
KS2 SATS type punctuation & grammar 1

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