Set up a reference library at home

I have suggested some books which will make a good start to having your own home reference library for your whole family. These are only some ideas taken from the huge range of books available - you will find many more on Amazon. Remember that the age ranges suggested are only approximate - be guided by your child. If you follow the links to the books below, Amazon will take you to other suggestions for similar books.
Books for babies and toddlers
This well-loved classic will stimulate your baby's senses and introduce one of the most popular picture books of all time. Introduce your child to parts of the face - with a fantastic novelty mirror on every spread and a peekaboo finale. The bright colours and attractive drawings make this a very appealing first nursery rhyme book for babies. All the books in this series are extremely well made - do look at the whole series. The textured patches are generous and easy for a baby who is getting to grips with hand/eye co-ordination to touch and the stories are satisfying and fun to read. A first introduction for your baby to the sounds that are all around us. Designed to encourage early learning, this book shows toddlers in their world against a colourful background.
Books for Foundation Stage and early KS1 (ages 3 - 7)
An introductory dictionary, to familiarise children with using dictionaries and to help with extending vocabulary. Take your child around the world in pictures. Each map shows the countries, capitals, famous landmarks, longest rivers and highest mountains. Illustrated stories complement the maps. A simple introduction to geographical concepts. A lively illustrated collection of over 40 nursery rhymes, including many of the traditional favourites. A classic, well-loved collection that has always been popular. An introductory picture and word encyclopaedia to answer children's questions on our world. Using this well illustrated and clearly laid out book will encourage children to build on their reading skills Encourage your child to enjoy singing these songs, which will they will love to be familiar with when they encounter them at school. This collection contains 35 well-known songs, with music especially arranged for young children.
Books for key stage 1 and around (ages 4-8)
Songs, rhymes and games for every occasion, arranged in categories and all chosen for their popularity with young children. Collected from all over Britain, the contents reflect the cultural diversity of the nation. For key stage 1 - ages 5 to 7 this dictionary has now been updated to support the new school curriculum requirements. It is the perfect introduction to words for children. A good first encyclopaedia for key stage 1 children, introducing children to using encyclopaedias to answer their questions. This rhyming dictionary supports the key stage 1 curriculum, and uses the high frequency words (key words) that are part of the English curriculum. It will encourage children to write poetry, and will extend their story-writing vocabulary.  
Books for key stage 2 and around (ages 6-12)
The subtitle 'Every Kind of Poem You Will Ever Need for the Literacy Hour ' says it all! This wide-ranging collection contains fables, haiku, sonnets, modern poems, classic poems and poems especially written for this anthology. A brand new atlas designed for use in the classroom or at home to support key stage 2 work. It introduces children to mapping of the world and gives information on map reading skills, the meaning of scale and measuring distances. Suitable for top juniors, or the beginning of secondary school A good general thesaurus to take children through key stages 2 and 3 This encyclopaedia is ideal for key stage 2
Books for secondary school
An ideal dictionary for the first years of secondary school An up-to-date atlas with accurate, easy-to-read digital maps. Satellite images, photographs and artwork are used to good effect. The mapping is clear and the level of detail right for early secondary school with topics selected to cover curriculum requirements. A great book for teenagers to 'dip' into! Benjamin Zephaniah is a great favourite with teenagers, so this book will have instant appeal. This rhyming dictionary groups words and phrases by rhyming patterns in a clear,easy-to-use format.  
Books for the family
This general encyclopaedia will answer the questions of the whole family This classic thesaurus is still one of the best. A comprehensive collection of poetry, perfect for every home. Subtitled 'Every fact you ever wanted to know', this is the perfect book for lovers of trivia, and anyone who enjoys amazing others with a wide range of information on almost anything. The must-have book for the home bookshelf, to answer all those questions.

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