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Welcome to our Spring newsletter. The Easter school holiday is a short and busy one, so make the most of the opportunities it offers to enjoy family activities that will also help to keep children prepared for the busy Summer Term that lies ahead.
Enjoy the Spring! Children are always amazed when their bulbs or seeds grow so try our Growing ideas. It is delightful to watch them tend them with care even if they occasionally happen to over-water them! Lots of other spring activities in Spring thoughts and ideas and Spring is coming! so make the most of the new season to get out and about. It's time to sow those sunflower seeds too!

Crafts Children enjoy craft work, and it's a good way to develop fine motor skills and creativity. They can produce some very colourful and attractive finished items in which they will be able to take a real pride. Changing seasons art work will give you some ideas. The finished products from Seasons colouring and Crafts 4 can be used to decorate kitchens and bedrooms as well as for cards and presents. These will create treasured memories.


Topics Children love to collect all sorts of odds and ends, collate pieces of material, and together with drawings and pictures create a topic; the Spring holiday topic will give you ideas. Collecting things topic and Spring activity book will give you inspiration.  Find out about our changing seasons with a Topic about seasons.

Fun activities Bubbles fascinate and amaze children as do floating and sinking toys in the bath - these are all part of science fun! Try more experiments with Fun science experiments and Science fun and watch the look on a child's face. It's a good time for kite flying and learning about the science of weather! Maths can be fun too - take the Maths challenge.
worksheet Key Stage 1 Help your child prepare for forthcoming tests and reinforce the work done so far this year. We have plenty of maths revision papers  - take a look at KS1 maths revision paper; you will find there are more on the same page. Find help for English with English thoughts for Year 2 and English activities 6 and 7 year olds 2

Key Stage 2 Encourage your child to attempt some of our practice papers and then you can identify any areas which need a little extra help. Revision KS2 story writing helps with creative writing. Maths CE 11+ paper offers the opportunity to try a different format, and you will find many more maths papers at the same link. Make learning and revising spelling fun with Spelling games.


Foundation Stage We have a wide range of papers to use with children preparing for and just beginning school. As you talk about An insect alphabet and the Ourselves topic  you are expanding your child's vocabulary, reinforcing and increasing their knowledge and helping them to enjoy learning. Learn about colour and shapes helps with these early concepts and will stand young ones in good stead when they start school.


Key Stage 3 Now is the time to start revision, and our papers cover many of the topics to help parents and pupils work on these successfully. Our science papers include  Questions for KS3 science, KS3 science paper for revision; how about English paper for KS3 or English 13+ paper: Spaghetti If you identify areas which need some extra support, try our papers on specific topics, for example Formulae.

Giveaways- see our Giveaways page for full details and reviews.

  • Pack of Oaka geography revision guides
  • Prize pair of Drumond Park games
  • Cursive Writing cards
  • Fingerprint Activities - Garden


New Books These are just a few of the books we recommend - take a look at our Best New Books pages.
Best wishes
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