Spring resources for teachers


We have included papers such as 'Spring Nature Booklet', 'Spring Holiday Project' and 'My Flower Booklet' to encourage children to appreciate all the wonders of nature around them. 'Spring is coming' booklet has songs to sing, poems to enjoy and 'How to grow sunflowers'! 

Spring booklet 1
A Spring holiday project
Spring thoughts and ideas
Spring activity book
Spring is Coming
Spring booklet
Topic on spring
First signs of Spring
Spring pack
Topic on spring 2
My flower booklet

Stories for Easter

This section includes the story about 'The First Easter Rabbit', 'Easter celebrations around the World' and 'Why Easter is important', all of which are stimulating stories about the celebrations of the festival.

Granny Rita and her dog
Lost sheep

Winter ideas

Winter crafts
Olympic rhymes
Winter poems
Winter weather words and spelling

More celebrations and festivals

There are many celebrations around the world at this time which include Baisakhi, Holi and Shavout.
The Patron Saint of Wales, St David, is celebrated on 1st March so read about his life.

Saint David
St David's Day

Spring Crafts

Growing ideas
Pussy willow tree
Painting a butterfly

 This is the time of the year to enjoy growing plants so we have included 'Growing ideas' which may give you some new ideas.

What plants need to grow
Plants for our food
Growing seeds
Growing plants

 As we can now enjoy playing outside how about compiling 'A topic on food and exercise'. It is fun 'To experiment with Food' and to try experiments on 'Fun Science'

Fun science experiments with food
Topic on food and exercise
Food we eat
Watching plants grow

Classroom Resources

Here are some resources to stimulate and inspire your pupils. Try using the comprehension 'How does it grow?'.

There are some beautiful books below which will give you other ideas and which you can enjoy with your pupils. 

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