Summer resources for teachers

Summer crafts

We have included many ideas for you to explore and enjoy making with hildren. Try the papers on 'Summer crafts','Paper crafts for boys', Flower craft' or make a beautiful 'Suncatcher'! Children thoroughly enjoy compiling a colourful and imaginative personal creation!

Summer craft ideas
Paper crafts for boys
More summer crafts
Flower crafts
Crafts 3 summer

Poems and games 

Summer is a time to enjoy sunshine and be outside. There are many games which can be enjoyed so ensure that your children play 'Hopscotch'. explore 'Playground games', Outdoor games' and do teach your children 'Skipping games'. It would be a shame if some of these older games faded away and were forgotten so now is the time to revive them! Remember children will be travelling so 'Travel games' might make the journey pass more quickly!
When it is warm and sunny teach 'Summer poems and activities'  and Summer Action rhymes'

Summer poems and activities
Singing games
Summer action rhymes
Skipping games
Outdoor games for summer
Children's party games
Travel games
Playground games
Playground games

Around the UK

You may be planning your summer term visits so we have included ideas on 'The Mary Rose', Thames Barrier' The Isle of Wight' and 'London'.
It is always useful to have some quizzes to either end a lesson or for the end of term. Try our 'UK Map quiz', UK Quiz' or 'How well do you know the UK?'.

The Mary Rose
Thames Barrier
Isle of Wight
The Jurassic Coast
UK map quiz
UK quiz
How well do you know the UK?

Nature Activities

Children thoroughy enjoy 'Pond Dipping' and 'River activities' but take care wth Health and Safety. Growing 'Butterflies' is great fun and the children thoroughly enjoy it.  For a rainy day there is always 'A nature quiz' and compiling a 'Woodland log book'.

Pond dipping
Nature quiz for children
River activities
Playing through the summer
Woodland log book


This is the term for a 'Project on beaches' , 'A topic on Bees' or 'An Insect topic'. Children enjoy being outside, collecting materials, and compiling material in a 'Summmer Scrapbook'. Children are happy working outside and collecting material. They work well together and enjoy having freedom to move, make a noise and run around. Some of the best topics are compiled and written after a day outside.

Project on beaches
Topic on bees
Insect topic
Rainy day topic
Summer scrapbook


Have you tried 'How to make a wormery?' It is fascinating and very informative for children. It is essential that children learn 'How plants grow well' so that they can do so properly when they are older. 'Growing schools' is  a fascinating programme to increase children's interest in food and what makes a healthy diet. Well worth using and perhaps expanding to suit your children.

Shadow activities
Helping plants grow well - activities
Growing schools
How to make a wormery

Special days

Do we always remember 'St George' on 23rd April.................if not we should as all children should know all about the Patron Saint of England. Use 'My Celebrations' with your children to make them think carefully about the answers. You may like to rearrange this paper to include any special events for your particular children.

St George
My celebrations
Maypole dancing
Food chains and food webs


Children will spend hours colouring. We have included papers on 'Seaside 's' words',  'Colouring on Insect colouring pages' as well as 'Summer flower colouring'. 

Seaside 'S' words & colouring
Insect colouring pages
Summer flower colouring
Summer colouring pages
Sports people colouring pages


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