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We have compiled this newsletter to stress the importance of History, Geography and Religious Education. It highlights the significance of these subjects to all key stage areas and to increasing pupils' knowledge of the world around them. The papers show the diversity of the subjects and how learning about other places, people in history or other religions ensures that your children, as they get older, are prepared to make decisions from a more knowledgeable and caring standpoint.

KS1 history Many of the topics studied at KS1 are subjects that children are already intererested in - they will enjoy learning about the History of Toys and in Homes through history they will find out how our modern homes have developed. Children are fascinated by pirates, so they will love our Topic on pirates for 4 - 7 year olds.  Seaside holidays have changed a lot over the years!
KS2 history The Wooden Horse of Troy is familiar to many, so they can find out more about the history of the city. The Great Fire of London is important in the history of our capital city and children study the Stuart period. World War II is another period studied - children will be amazed at the Rationing in World War II! Test their knowledge with our quiz on the Vikings.


KS3 history  One of the important things KS3 pupils will learn is how to use primary sources, so find out more about this - and we have links to plenty of source materials. Medieval Life was harsh - we have plenty of resources which will give an understanding of the period. Find the fascinating history around us in The Industrial Revolution and the Local Area. Why Did the Holocaust Happen - another important topic studied at this stage.
KS1 geography Help your child to understand about seasons and how they differ around the world. A Year in Our Street is a good introduction to the area in which children live. Encourage children to think about how the Travel to School. Islands are studied so answer their questions in What is an Island?
KS2 geography The White Cliffs of Dover are an iconic sight - find out more about them. The Effects of Sun Angle on Climate are important in understanding our weather - and then see how much children know with our Weather Quiz and Know Your Geography; these are both fun for the family. 
KS3 geography Ordnance Survey maps are very useful - Tourism and leisure symbols on OS maps.  A geography dictionary helps pupils with all those concepts they will come across in their studies. Earthquakes and Volcanoes are fascinating to study. The topic on South Africa has lots to discover.
KS1 RE Help young children to understand what it means if they, or their friends, belong to a religion. They will enjoy finding our about Jesus' friends with our colourful 12 Apostles Quiz. We live in a multi-cultural society and it's important that we understand the beliefs of others - Rosh Hashanah and The Torah are two of the many resources we have to help with this.
KS2 RE Help children to understand the places of worship around us with What can we learn from Christian religious buildings? We have resources to hep children find out about the buildings of many religions, such as Hinduism and the mandir. Find out how Christians mark Lent, as well as about celebrations from other religions such as Eid ul Fitr.
KS3 RE In KS3, pupils will learm about Religious leaders  - we have many resources on a variety of leaders. They will be encouraged to reason on a number of topics - Suffering - what questions do people ask? and Why is Buddha remembered today? are questions to ponder. Caring for our planet is important to everyone.

Books to help with humanities  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages. 

KS2 geography study book  History practice exercises 11+ KS1 geography curriculum bank  Religious education 

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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