Themed stories

Children often like to keep to familiar topics or authors. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the most important thing is to keep children reading. Children will avidly read the whole series of books by their favourite author, be it Enid Blyton or J K Rowling. What is important is that reading has become a habit, so one day they will have to move on! This is where books on a similar theme to the old favourites can be useful. This will introduce them to different authors and then on to crossing over into new genres of fiction - the best authors write in many different genres.

One of the best ways to start is by reading short stories - either collections by the same author, or anthologies by many authors. Short stories are less daunting and give a child a good opportunity to sample a wide range of authors and types of story.

What are your child's special interests? There are lists here covering many of the most popular topics I have been asked for by children and which I have used in schools.

Stories for summer
Animal stories
Families book list
Fantasy stories
Funny stories
Ghost stories
Horse stories
Historical stories
Other countries reading list
School stories
Short stories
Sport stories
The future-reading list
Time slip stories

Reading stories set in the period is a wonderful way of bringing to life topics children are studying at school. I have compiled lists based on the typical periods studied during key stage 2.

Victorian stories
Ancient worlds
Stuart stories
World War II reading list

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