Topics for Home

Here are some ideas for topics parents could do at home with their children.

Foundation Stage

Have fun with Mum
Literacy booklet
Number topic for foundation stage
Thomas the Tank Engine topic


Enjoy maths together
Growing plants
How to keep healthy for younger children
Words with ear eer and oor Year 1
Science fun
Sequencing topic
Spring thoughts and ideas
Summer scrapbook
Thank you cards and allsorts topic
The street where I live
Topic on food and exercise
Topic on shape and colour


A Spring holiday project
Design your own musical instrument
Geography passport
Project on beaches
Research topic
All about animals
Answer these questions about things around you
Can you recognise these flowers?
Book quiz for 7 to 11 year olds
Fun science experiments
Blank multiplication square


Letter writing topic
Year 7 holiday project
Functional maths project
Red Nose Day
Rainforest activities
Eco project KS3
Planning a tour of England
Religious symbols KS3
What will change as I get older?
Apostrophe worksheet 1
Writing mats for KS3
Writing an epic poem

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