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We are often asked 'How can I increase my child's reasoning skills and concentration?' The start of a new term is an excellent time to develop these skills and the papers featured in this newsletter will help increase your children's thinking and logic. The papers have to be read carefully and will make you all think! Try them and see! We know that everyone in the family will benefit and you will see an improvement in both maths and reading skills of all your children.


Concentration Children need help with concentration and these are fun ways to help extend and improve it. Children love to be able to challenge adults so encourage this! We start with the younger children as the sooner you start the better - try Brain games for early years. Children will learn more if they are having fun so Have fun with these questions. Older children do like to be challenged and our Puzzles and thought provoking paper will do this.


Reasoning and problem solving In all subjects your child does need to reason and solve problems. For the younger children, try to improve their skills with FS basic thinking skills. As children get older they need to use more skills to enable them to reason. Here are some puzzles to help with reasoning - Reasoning puzzle 1; Reasoning puzzle 4. There are more on the site so try them all.  Look at the maths puzzle which is included too, to cover all types of reasoning!

Lateral thinking Some children can think laterally but others do find this more abstract method of reasoning more difficult. It is essential that you allow your children to be aware of Spatial awareness and be there to explain the principles if necessary. Some children can reason at all levels but You have to think will help explain any problems that they may have. I used the Can you work these out? paper with some children recently and it was amazing the different ways they worked out the answers!
Fun maths I always think that when maths is made fun children will be interested so try Fun maths for KS2 and watch the pleasure on your child's face when he/ she succeeds! As children get older they do have to work more quickly so challenge them to Maths fun for Year 4 and see who wins! There are many types of questions so see if you can succeed at this paper Maths reasoning 5 - all sorts...good luck!
Crosswords and puzzles Crossword puzzles help children  with spellings and concentration Around the world crossword is fun to learn about the world. Try the Egyptian one too and see! Many children can see the words in a word search easily but others need practice so try Word search for KS1 and start the children on these when they are young. As they get older the spellings and the words/vocabulary gets harder. Use the Word search 4 for Years 3 and 4 to consolidate spelling.
Quizzes Many children love quizzes and it is an excellent way to reinforce learning. If your child has been studying history try the Victorians quiz. We like promoting books on Parents in Touch and encouraging children to read so try Book quiz for 5 to 7 year olds and have fun together. Extend your child's knowledge of their own country and use UK map quiz. Spring is here so prepare for it with the Nature quiz!

Games Children love Memory games. They improve concentration and visual awareness. It is good to introduce children to mazes so try this one together Have fun with mazes. Piggy is a great game to encourage children to play together, take turns and perhaps learn to lose...this can be a difficult lesson for some! We all play games as a family and in this way children feel very grown up and everyone enjoys it - try Fun holiday games for the family.

These books are carefully selected to extend the skills covered in this newsletter.

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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