Year 9 plus

By year 9, pupils will be working across a range of levels. Some may be preparing to take GCSE early while others may find it useful to review work done throughout KS3 in preparation for tests and exams. In order to ensure that earlier work has been consolidated and completely understood it is worth reviewing year 7 or year 8 work.
The suggestions below provide a cross-section of resources which will help your child to feel confident and hence ready for more advanced work in KS4.


Maths at this level includes work such as sequences, more advanced algebra, ratio and proportion as well as beginning to prepare for GCSEs or any examinations. They also need to practice working quickly to complete examination papers in time but without making careless mistakes. Practice with examination papers is always useful so your child is familiar with the format and the manner in which the questions are written.

Word problems Year 9
Knowledge of GCSE maths
Handling data
Ratio and proportion
Algebra for KS3 and 4
Sequences and the nth term 2
Functional maths project
Maths GCSE paper 3 - practice questions
GCSE revision algebra


In year 9, plays from Shakespeare, and books such as Lord of the Flies and Wuthering Heights, are assigned and studied in detail. Various forms of writing will be introduced such as composing a rant or writing a critique about a specific author. You child will likely be assigned project work to be composed and compiled at home and then presented in the form of a dissertation at school.

Writing a rant GCSE
Descriptive writing exam questions GCSE
GCSE revision for descriptive writing 2
Comprehension on Blenheim Palace
Punctuation for KS4
Comprehension on Pride and Prejudice KS4
Comprehension KS4 The Light Brigade
Speaking and listening for KS4
Improve your writing style KS3 and 4
Punctuation skills KS3/4 exam revision
Reading and comparing poems
Seamus Heaney
Comprehension - Wuthering Heights

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