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We help parents help their children through their primary education

Parents in Touch is an on-line service with three guiding principles:


  • We explain how the UK school systems work.
  • We show how various subjects are taught in schools.
  • We provide up-to-date information about relevant education issues.


  • We encourage parents to play an active role in supporting their children in school.
  • We provide practical help in the form of worksheets to support learning, suggest ideas, aid revision and consolidate learning.
  • We help to inspire parents who are educating their children at home.


  • We help parents help their children to achieve their full potential during their younger years at school.
  • Through the resources provided we help parents to increase their child's confidence in school work which, in turn, improves their ability to achieve their best.
You can help your child excel at school
Growing ideas

Growing ideas

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Worksheet Finder

Subtraction ideas for Year 2

Subtraction EYFS/KS1

Try these subtractions KS1

Addition paper 4 KS2

Addition paper 3 KS2

Addition paper 2 KS1

Addition paper 1 KS1

Paper topic

Living environments

Reactions and mixtures

How nuclear power works

Spellings KS2

Spell these words

Finding words

New hats for statues

Farming in Britain today

Enjoy making cakes paper

Sounds KS1

Phonic blends 2

Surprising sounds KS2

Phonic rhyming

KS3 Xmas maths

Improve your maths KS3

Help with revision KS3

Puzzling problems KS2

My December calendar

Use of numbers KS2

Maths suggestions KS2

East of the sun west of the moon

Why we need homes comprehension

Homophones worksheet KS2

Atmosphere and character KS3

Writing to inform

Audiences and text KS3

Words and pictures

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